“There are layers to it,” James Krause explains why Fighters’ Union is hard to establish to resolve fighter issues

Krause has been one of the few fighters that give utmost importance to financial literacy and have been open about other sources of income such as betting, real estate and much more.

James Krause- Fighters' Union

James Krause is one of those few members that are voluntarily not in support of Fighters’ Union right away, at least for Krause, educating about the Union can resolve his reluctance towards his potential establishment. Krause is a retired UFC fighter who’s also a real estate agent, a successful betting player and moreover, a respectable coach in the MMA community. Krause is the head coach at Glory MMA & Fitness and is coaching renowned athletes like Tim Elliott and Jeff Molina.


Krause recently rose to fame with the newest addition to his team, former UFC flyweight champion Brandon Moreno. Before his fight at UFC 277, Moreno turned to a new training centre from Entram Gym in Mexico to Glory MMA & Fitness. Fair enough, it was a great decision made by Moreno as he was able to defeat Kai Kara-France in their rematch at the co-main of UFC 277, making him the interim UFC flyweight champion and securing a fourth title fight against undisputed champion Deiveson Figueiredo.

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“It costs money to be in a Union,” says James Krause on Fighters’ Union

James Krause

In an interview with Ariel Helwani at THE MMA HOUR, Krause talks about his retirement from fighting, his take on betting and betting himself, his review of Moreno’s performance at UFC 277 and much more. Krause then talks about having a pension system for fighters and how it might not work, he eventually stumbles upon the conversation of formation of a fighters’ union and safe to say as of now, Krause is in no favour of any such establishment, but it’s not a timeless opinion as well.

“We’ve had union talks and all that garbage before,” says Krause “These guys understand it costs money to be in a Union, you got to pay to be in the Union, you know what I mean, these guys are here ‘oh I want more money,’ but there are layers to it, it’s not that easy and I’m not saying it cannot happen or it’s not possible, it’s not where I am getting at. But before that the first step is educating the athletes, what it does for you, what it is, how it can help and that way regardless of what happens in the sport, you can go do this stuff on your own…continues Krause.

What do you make of James Krause’s thoughts on Fighters’ Union? How do you think will a successful fighters’ Union ever come to fruition, or will it ever be formed? Do you think the Fighters’ Union is the leading solution to resolve many issues such as fighters’ pay, robbery decisions and many more? A better part of Helwani’s interview with Krause is all about the importance of financial literacy and alternatives to making money.

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