Jared Cannonier explains his unenthusiastic reaction alongside Paddy Pimblett, Molly McCann, and Aljamain Sterling at UFC 274

When the cameras pointed at Jared Cannonier, who was seated alongside Aljamain Sterling, Paddy Pimblett, and Molly McCann, the middleweight had a less-than-fun time. He explains what was going through his mind.

A nervous and Awkward Jared Cannonier seated among the loud scousers Paddy Pimblett and Molly McCann at UFC 274

Though Jared Cannonier lives his life by the crystals, he sure doesn’t appreciate any kind of bullcrap in his life. The former heavyweight is focused and stoic, something that almost seems like a requirement when you drop 3 weight classes through the course of your career, being able to find success in each of them. Unfortunately for Jared, his seating at UFC 274, couldn’t have been any less compatible for a man like him.

In his last outing, Jared Cannonier defeated Dereck Brunson, ending his winning streak and earning himself a shot at the title

Seated alongside, bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling and Liverpool sweethearts Paddy Pimblett accompanied by Molly McCann, Cannonier could have only wished for the cameras to not be pointed at the area where he was seated. Unfortunately, they did and what followed was 3 of the loudest and most cheerful UFC superstars surrounding and most likely haunting one of it’s most stoic.

The clip shows Aljamain, Paddy, and Molly having a merry time, swaying and hugging each other while Cannonier is nervously seated right in the middle of the three. Initially Cannonier can be seen holding in a smile, as a possibly drunk Molly McCann leans forwards to hug Sterling who’s seated next to him, causing some of McCann’s hair to fall onto the middleweight contender’s face.

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“I want to watch the circus not be in it,” Jared Cannonier says on his awkwardly hilarious moment with fellow fighters

Jared Cannonier is booked to face Champion Israel Adesanya at UFC 276

The smiles soon turned to awkward and possibly enraged stares as Molly began screaming obscenities at the camera while being right next to Jared’s ear. Jared nervously looks up to the big screen while the three continue posing for the camera. On MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Jared finally responded to what really was going through his mind during the ordeal.

He said, “I never watch the fights, I’m there to watch the circus not be a part of the circus” letting out a chuckle. He went on to say, ” I’m staying in my zone, protecting my energy. I really don’t like being surrounded by people who I don’t know, who I am not familiar with, who I don’t trust” he clarified he meant no disrespect to his colleagues saying he had a “neutral look” on his face. Jared went to explain, he realizes people act differently in front of a camera, saying, “When there’s the artificial eye watching them people start acting all kinds of ways”

Jared also went on to describe how he had a good view on the action and was there to learn and watch fights, hence he stayed away from alcohol of any kind. He said, “Everybody else was having a good time, which is fine cause I was too. but back to me, I’m just not a party animal”

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