“Universe has a goal”- Joe Rogan discusses the crazy theory about the universe gaining consciousness

Joe Rogan explores if the universe may evolve consciousness with Bobby Azarian, here's what took place.

Joe Rogan

According to Joe Rogan’s website, he is a “stand-up comedian, mixed martial arts enthusiast, psychedelic adventurer, and presenter of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.” The latter of them, for many listeners, has solidified both his fame and the podcasting format. According to estimates, 200 million people download Rogan’s podcast each month, making him the most well-known in the country.

Every episode of Rogan’s podcast lasts longer than two hours and is made up of one in-depth chat about a topic of his choosing. It produces around three episodes each week. He presents himself as a man who listens to men’s concerns and fears while also providing them with a path forward and a sense of optimism for the future.

Recently, Joe invited Bobby Azarian to his podcast who is a cognitive neuroscientist with a Ph.D. from the Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study at George Mason University and a scientific writer with hundreds of published articles. During the podcast, Joe ignited the conversation about the consciousness of the universe and its functioning.

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Joe Rogan invites a cognitive neuroscientist to discuss his insane theory

Joe Rogan

The conversation embarked upon Azarian touching upon the fact that answer belongs in establishing whether there is an ultimate goal of the universe to which time is heading, However, due to the external world-changing and its advancement, the human mind is indicative to seek the answers because of the presence of consciousness.

It was established that only highly developed species have well-functioning brains, hence awareness just exists in a very small portion of the cosmos and has only recently emerged. Panpsychism holds that awareness is a basic aspect of the cosmos and permeates it. This does not imply that everything is entirely sentient.

Slowly as the conversation matured, Rogan asked a basic question in laymen’s terms whether or not the universe has awareness of it’s being, to which Azaarian gave his opinion, he stated, “The universe does something like a goal, it may not have a conscious intent but like merges inevitably and the law of physics play something, analogues to DNA and organisms “

The conversation was extremely profound and intriguing, it touches upon some great nuances which is very appealing to a lot of people. Since humans perceive and feel things, we are aware that we are conscious but scientists are still unable to pinpoint awareness specific nature or origin. Yet it is plausible to speculate and have conversations like these as it leads to a better understanding to our natural curiosity.

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