“This is f**king done” Joe Rogan reacts to Amber Heard’s team shockingly give up on the Johnny Depp abuse case

Joe Rogan reacts to the courtroom drama during the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp domestic violence case.

Joe Rogan talks about Johnny Depp - Amber Heard saga

UFC commentator Joe Rogan reveals he has been binging on the Johnny Depp – Amber Heard case like it is a podcast. The podcast kingpin himself has admitted that this is the biggest drama in the world right now.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s domestic violence case has had the entire pop culture in a chokehold. Even the biggest voices of America like podcast host, Joe Rogan has been paying full attention to this saga. The defamation case has been going on for quite a while now and Rogan doesn’t fail to update his fans with reactions to the trials.

Recently he invited his comedian friends, Bert Kreischer, and Tony Hinchcliffe on the recent episode of the podcast and the three discussed the current scenario of the case between Johnny and Amber. Rogan reveals that he is very invested in this case and has caught up with everything that is going on. “I love a good gossip session,” said talking to Bert and Tony in episode #1821.

“I am so b*lls deep into this Amber Heard-Johnny Depp podcast. It’s not a podcast. You know the trial. I can’t stop,” said Rogan. “I was watching today and her attorney said, ‘I’m doing my best,’ and she took a deep breath.” [Transcript from Essentially Sports]

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Joe Rogan refers to Amber Heard as a “crazy person”

Joe Rogan

“Her attorney is in the middle of the whole thing and she’s like, ‘I’m doing my best,’ in the middle of like questioning. She’s just given up. She’s like this is f**king done. Like, ‘I’ve got a crazy person as a client,” said Rogan talking about the recent clips from the trial.

The whole world has been giving their reactions to this case and Joe also invited his friend, Doug Stanhope, who happens to be a close friend of Johnny Depp. Joe bought on Doug to an episode of the JRE podcast and spoke in detail about how the relationship between Amber and Depp used to be. Rogan has also mentioned in one of his podcasts that Johnny Depp is “one of the nicest persons” and that he had a great time meeting the actor in the past.

No amount of controversies will stop the UFC commentator from giving his unfiltered thoughts on the controversial current affairs.

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