Joe Rogan shares experience of meeting a fake MMA fighter who committed murder

Joe Rogan discusses, on his podcast, his encounter with a phoney MMA fighter who committed murder.

Joe Rogan

Rafiel Torre may be unfamiliar to UFC fans now he was well-known in the online 90s MMA community for all the wrong reasons, and Joe Rogan recalls meeting him.

Joe Rogan, a prominent podcast/ commentator, has had numerous bizarre incidents recounted on his programme, either by himself or by guests on his show. One of the oddest stories ever heard on the show was when he recalls meeting a con man who ended up in jail for murder.

“I know a dude who killed a guy with a choke. … Killed him in a gym,” Joe tells in Episode 1,329 of his Podcast. “He was banging this guy’s wife and he invited the guy to the school and choked him to death and killed him and then was driving the guy’s car around town. Then they arrested him. He was an interesting character. He was a fake Brazilian jiu-jitsu [BJJ] black belt.”

Rogan recalls having met him through a “friend of a friend” who was outed by famous martial arts coach Eddie Bravo. Bravo, according to Rogan, had a sense that the man was lying about his jiu-jitsu credentials once he got to fight him.

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“I’m in my trailer, putting my microphone on”, Joe Rogan recounts interrogation by cops

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan recalls how years later he was interrogated by the Police because he was being a little nosey. When Rafiel Torre was charged with murder Joe Rogan became involved in the investigation after he spoke to a witness whose phone was wiretapped by the police.

The UFC commentator recalls his interrogation saying, “It was weird because I got semi-involved with it in that the guy who ended up ratting him out to the cops was one of Eddie’s students. I was talking to the guy on the phone about it. I was like, ‘What’s going on with that guy?’ And then the cops called me afterwards and said, ‘Hey we were tapping that guy’s phone, we wanna know what you know.’ I’m on the f***ing set of Fear Factor, I’m in my trailer, putting my microphone on.”

Torre, the individual in issue, vanished from public view until he reappeared after serving time in jail for murder. He was condemned to life in jail without parole for the murder of Bryan Richards, with whose wife he had an affair.

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