“Congratulations” Jon Jones applauds Jiri Prochazka on his historic title victory at UFC 275

Jon Jones congratulated the latest light-heavyweight champion Jiri Prochazka via Twitter

Jones took to Twitter 4 days after Prochazka became champion to congratulate him

Jon Jones has been pretty reserved on his feelings about the division he left to look for greater things in higher weight classes. Jiri Prochazka however managed to get Jones’ attention and it wasn’t even in a deleted tweet. Prochazka beat Glover Texiera to become the new Light Heavyweight Champion at UFC 275 in Singapore.

Before the Jan Blachowicz, The gLover Texiera’s and Prochazka’s held the belt there was only one man who truly held the title of king among Light Heavyweights. Jones throughout his iconic run as champion demolished legends and prospects alike with zero remorse. Establishing his name in concrete for the sportsbooks of eternity, Jones mauled through anyone who tried claiming his throne.

In 2019 however, Jon faced a series of tough fights against Thiago Santos and Dominick Reyes that preceded his decision to move up a weight class. In order to do that Jones announced a triumphant move up to heavyweight while also vacating the Light Heavyweight Gold that he had defended so proudly for over a decade. Since Jone’s vacated his title, there have been three additional Light Heavyweight Champions. Jan Blachowicz won it off the man who many thought had beat Jones, Dominick Reyes in deadly fashion.

Blachowicz was soundly beaten by Texiera, a former Jones opponent himself at the age of 42, becoming one of the oldest champions in UFC history. A feat even noticed by Jon who lauded his former opponent saying, “YO GLOVER YOU ARE A REAL G MY FRIEND, SO HAPPY FOR YOU. LET’S GO BRAZIL!”

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Jon Jones applauds Team Cejudo gym mate Jiri Prochazka on Title victory

Jones has been frequenting Henry Cejudo’s gym where Jiri also trained briefly for his UFC 275 bout

After a 5 round war last weekend, Jiri Prochazka snatched the light heavyweight title from the claws of Teixiera with mere seconds to spare. The fight was unanimously agreed upon to be a hall of fame-worthy performance by both men. In what was a pure battle of wills with the tide of the fight shifting after every major exchange, The Czech was able to put his varied training altogether and outlast the Brazilian’s will to walk away with the victory.

A part of this varied training included sessions with Coach Henry Cejudo, who also has taken Jon Jones under his wing. Before the fight Prochazka claimed that he wishes to train alongside Jones at Coach Cejudo’s Gym and this may be the reason for Jones’ warm reception to Jiri’s victory. On Twitter the former champion said, “Congratulations Champ” tagging Jiri Prochazka in the tweet.

It was noteworthy that the message came out at all, much less 4 days after Jiri won the title. Jones is rumored to be the favourite to face Stipe Miocic next in a Heavyweight Title Eliminator but there are no clarifications from either side or the UFC yet.

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