“When I see his bitc** I’ll scrap him”- Jorge Masvidal vows to bury Michel Pereira in the street

Jorge Masvidal slams Michel Pereira for using his wife to land a fight against him. Jorge says he'd fight him in the streets if he wants.

Jorge Masvidal on Michel Pereira

A fight between Michel Pereira and Jorge Masvidal is one that everyone would welcome with open arms, however, the circumstance that may finally lead us to that bout may be less than ideal, even troubling to an extent.


The whole beef started after Michel won his fight at UFC Vegas 55 against Santiago Ponzinibbio and called out Masvidal in his post-fight press conference stating he had some problems with him. When asked by a media member as to what the problem with Masvidal was, he revealed that “Gamebred” had sent an emoji (One with praying hands) to Pereira’s wife on Instagram and wanted to talk it out with him in the Octagon.

The following day, Gamebred came out with the receipts and revealed that it was in fact Pereira’s wife, who had texted him first and the emoji was merely a reply to the text.


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“Don’t even remember what she looks like”- Jorge Masvidal completely dismissed Michel Pereira’s claim of flirting with his wife

Michel Pereira x Jorge Masvidal

Michel’s wife then came out and claimed that she sent that message years ago, even before she knew Pereira, and she would love to have some privacy as she is about to start a new family with him.

Masvidal recently appeared on The MMA Hour, where he discussed his future, this incident came up, and he promised to beat Pereira up if he wants. He said, “How do you put your wife out there like that? And then you see what happened. I don’t know if he told her, ‘Hey, hit this guy up ’cause this is how I’m gonna make this big narrative and we’re gonna get into a fight.’”

He added, “If he wants to scrap, when I see his b*cha** I’ll scrap him, but as far as like, getting money, or him being a ranked guy, or somebody that I care to fight, nah, he doesn’t fit any of those categories. He has to make up this fictitious story about me wanting his chick. I don’t even remember what she looks like.”

“I wish them nothing but happiness in their, whatever they call it together. But, as far as me and this f**ker goes, if he sees me in the street, then we can talk about it. But, in the cage? Bro, you’re literally nobody,” Masvidal concluded.

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