“I’ll make you follow me ALL DAY,” Kamaru Usman extremely frustrated with USADA’s abrupt testing rituals

The cause of the frustration lies in USADA disrupting Usman's sleep for their abrupt testing periods even when Usman has been one of the most tested athletes who informs the Agency about his whereabouts.

Kamaru Usman- USADA

Kamaru Usman doesn’t lose his cool inside the Octagon no matter the height of chaos of the action, but he can detach from his calm if you prevent him from a good sleep. Usman is the reigning defending UFC welterweight champion of the world with the third most title fights in UFC’s welterweight history after Georges St-Pierre and Matt Hughes. Usman is also the #1 fighter in the UFC’s official pound-for-pound rankings.


Usman is known for his wins over the likes of Tyron Woodley, Colby Covington, Jorge Masvidal, Gilbert Burns, Leon Edwards, Sean Strickland, Rafael Dos Anjos and many more. Usman is now going to defend his welterweight title for the sixth time in a rematch against #2 ranked welterweight Leon Edwards. Usman’s plans for the future are concerned with having a second UFC title in his legacy and considering his fellow countryman Israel Adesanya is the middleweight champion, Usman will be looking forward to someday fighting for the light-heavyweight title.

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Kamaru Usman not fond of USADA waking him up as early as 5 am for a test

Kamaru Usman

Just not so long ago, Usman just tweeted from his official Twitter handle tagging the official handle of the US Anti-Doping Agency. He said “Dear @usantidoping there’s a reason u make us fill out our whereabouts. So U know where we are at all times. Disrupting our sleep at 5 am is just plain stupid. Next time I’ll make you guys follow me around all day”

The US-Anti Doping Agency aka USADA is responsible for all athletes, especially on US soil to be clean of any unwanted substances that boost their athletic performance in an unnatural way. Not so long ago, Usman was awarded a jacket from USADA for covering 50 tests with negative results of no substance used. But do you think it’s right to wake an athlete from his sleep to test him? Do you think there’s a better way to keep the system as strict as it is while keeping the athletes’ basic well-being in priority?

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