‘I want to break him’ – Kamaru Usman wants to take the “soul” out of Leon Edwards’ fight in rematch at UFC 278

Kamaru Usman's full focus lies in completely destroying his opponent, Leon Edwards in the upcoming welterweight title bout. The Nigerian Nightmare wants to put an end to the rivalry.

Kamaru Usman (L) Leon Edwards (R)

Kamaru Usman hates the fact that Leon Edwards still believes he has a chance against the Nigerian Nightmare. The reigning welterweight king wants to break his opponent mentally in the upcoming rematch.


The biggest satisfaction for any fighter is when you have your rivals doubting if they could actually beat you in a fight. And Kamaru Usman craves this feeling from his opponents and has pretty much achieved it with the fighters he has broken inside the octagon except for one. Leon Edwards fought Usman in 2015 and got away with only a unanimous decision loss.

The reigning champion wants to end his rematch against Edwards in such a fashion that he breaks the fight in the UK fighter. Kamaru and Leon will headline the upcoming UFC 278 pay-per-view event which will take place in Salt Lake City in Utah. The champ is back in action after nearly 9 months and is looking forward to putting the nail in Edwards’ coffin.


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Kamaru Usman hates that Leon Edwards believes he has a chance

Kamaru and Leon during their first fight in 2015

Though Usman feels like he got a dominating victory against Leon in his second fight in the UFC, the champ wants to make sure that he entirely breaks him this time at UFC 278. Kamaru ahead of his pay-per-view event, sat down for an interview with SportsCenter ESPN to talk about his opponent and the fight. “I feel like I dominated him but there was just something in him. I didn’t completely take the fight out of him,” said Usman talking to SportsCenter.

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“This is something that I aim to do with each and every one of my opponents so by not doing that I think he still feels that with a little more preparation he might have a chance. But at the end of the day, people don’t understand why I am the best right now,” added Kamaru. “For Leon Edwards, this Saturday, I am going to show him that,” need Usman with a very cold message for his rival.

Leon is a very underrated fighter in the division and had a lot of misfortune in his career inside the UFC octagon. People tend to forget that Edwards has not lost a single fight since his loss to Usman. Kamaru, on the other hand, is on his path to greatness. This fight truly is an exciting one given their positions in the UFC right now and their rivalry.

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