Kamaru Usman’s diet: What does the Nigerian Nightmare eat to stay in fight shape?

Ahead of his title defence against Leon Edwards have a look at what the champion puts insidehis body to stay in tremendous shape.

Usman apparently has an undying love for eggs

Kamaru Usman will make the 6th defense of his welterweight title this weekend against British star, Leon Edwards. Usman has racked up one of the most impressive resumes in Welterweight history and in what is set to be another rematch, Usman will have a chance to showcase how much he’s improved since he last met Edwards in 2015.

Throughout his career one thing any layman could marvel about Usman, regardless of what they know about his fighting acumen, he had a body resembling that of ancient Greek and Roman statues. Not a single chunk of mass attached to Usman’s bones have any other purpose than crushing people’s will to fight, aiming for maximum efficiency every time.

So as the welterweight champion prepares for what many are calling his toughest title defense yet against Edwards, let us have a look at what goes into the diet of Kamaru Usman that results in a sculpted body like his.

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Kamaru Usman’s Diet is as Basic as It Gets

Kamaru and Leon during their first fight in 2015

At this point, to anyone in the bodybuilding community or anyone who recently started going to the gym, the advice, “eat more eggs” may sound cliche but that is what the Champion wants you to do. Of course, you have to also add in the grueling twice-a-day training routine but let’s start on baby steps with the eggs.

He said, “At least four times a week I have to get in some eggs, and I’ll mix in the spinach in there. Some type of fruit at some point later on in the day. Apples, blackberries, blueberries – all of the above, we have to at least mix that in there.” Usman while showing off his fridge also stressed on how important he felt water is in maintaining his physique, with his own being stacked to the brim with multiple brands of bottles water

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Kamaru Usman revealed that as he gets older he’s started to include more vegetables in his diet as he believes they help better with recovery. The champ also said revealed that in the same spirit he’s been siphoning off meat from his plate and is instead replacing it with fish as a protein source.

For a cheat day, unlike most who may like having something filled to the brim with sweetener, Kamaru prefers to stay in a controlled relationship with sugar. Instead of candy he loves to have cookies and made sure that his daughter falls in love with them too so as to always have a baking partner at hand.

Finally, during fight day, the champ still needs to have his eggs in the form of omelets. He said, “Of course, avocado. You need that good fat and you need to put some carbs as well. So, wheat toast or a croissant. … And then later on in that day, you want to fuel your body with what’s gonna carry you over the competition, “ with that food being Pasta mostly with red sauces.
What do you think of the champion’s diet regiment? Let us know.

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