“You’re never gonna beat that headline,” UFC legend unleashes wisdom Jon Jones’ legacy defined by the ever-elusive ‘That Guy’ fight

Chael Sonnen recently addressed Jon Jones' situation in the UFC following his withdrawal from UFC 295 due to injuries.

“You’re never gonna beat that headline,” UFC legend unleashes wisdom Jon Jones’ legacy defined by the ever-elusive ‘That Guy’ fight

Chael Sonnen critizes Jon Jones (Image via Imago/X)

Chael Sonnen offered advice to Jon Jones following UFC 295. Sonnen emphasized consistency in training, stating that being a champion required maintaining discipline and doing the necessary work consistently.

According to Chael Sonnen, the key remains to identify what needs improvement, address it diligently, and repeat the process consistently. Sonnen’s insights reflected the importance of a disciplined and persistent approach to maintaining championship status in the competitive world of UFC. This is what Chael Sonnen had to say:

There is not a scenario where Jon Jones, regardless of success or victories,...leaves this sport...Right now, that guy's Tom Aspinall, but one week ago it was Sergei Pavlovich, and eight days before that it was Francis Ngannou. So, the only constant denominator...is you're never gonna beat that headline, don't even try. Fight the easiest guy for the most money and do it every time.
Chael Sonnen via YouTube.

Tom Aspinall, a rising UFC fighter, recently overcame a serious knee injury. Before this, he contemplated ending his MMA career during recovery. Expressing interest in a high-profile bout, Aspinall desired to face Jon Jones, as evidenced by his reaction to Jones’ praise and his aspiration for a dream fight in Manchester.

Jon Jones is an American professional mixed martial artist, holding the UFC heavyweight championship and previously the light heavyweight title. His record is 27 wins with one loss and 0 draws (1 NC). Jones is also active on social media, with Instagram (@jonnybones) boasting over 8 million followers.

Dana White is not interested in Francis Ngannou vs. Jon Jones fight

Dana White dismissed the idea of co-promoting Jon Jones vs. Francis Ngannou. The UFC CEO called it ‘the dumb question of the night’ at the UFC 295 post-fight press conference.

Dana White
Dana White is not interested in Francis Ngannou vs Jon Jones (Image source: Twitter )

White emphasized having zero interest in co-promotion, including with organizations like PFL or Bellator. Check out the interaction between Dana White and the reporter in the tweet below:

White’s statement reflected the UFC’s historical reluctance towards co-promotional efforts. The promotion has always preferred independent promotion and control over their events. White also seemed irritated by the comments from the reporter.

The UFC applied to co-promote the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight, indicating a collaborative effort in the event. UFC CEO Dana White dismissed initial rumors but later confirmed the UFC’s involvement in promoting the bout. However, Dana White took a backseat in the promotion, emphasizing his vital role despite reduced involvement. Conor McGregor‘s earnings included a cut from the co-promotor UFC, which paid him just over half of its share, contributing to his record-breaking payday.


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