“What a treat “- McLaren F1’s Daniel Ricciardo grapples with Georges St-Pierre

Daniel Riccardo shares pictures of training with Georges St-Pierre

F1 star Daniel Riccardo meets MMA legend Georges St-Pierre and trains with him. Daniel Riccardo is one of the most popular Formula 1 drivers in the world with a massive fan following. The Australian debuted with the Redbull Racing team and is currently racing for McLaren.

Riccardo is known for his extremely quirky, humorous and positive attitude. Riccardo himself being the part of an extreme sport like F1 is a huge fan of MMA and watches UFC frequently. In a recent interview with MMA reporter, Ariel Helwani Riccardo revealed that he thinks MMA is more intense than F1 as athletes fight each other face to face. He said :

“Don’t get me wrong, in our sport, you need some guts and for sure some courage or whatever, but no. I try to really put myself in their position when I watch the sport and I envision walking out into the octagon and no way that feeling or intensity can be matched.”

Both F1 and MMA can be considered as some of the most dangerous and tiring sports in the world. Both involve risks of athletes getting heavily injured or simply losing their lives.

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Daniel Riccardo shares pictures of training with Georges St-Pierre

Daniel Riccardo shares pictures of training with Georges St-Pierre

Riccardo was recently in Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix and used this opportunity to meet none other than the MMA GOAT, St-Pierre.

Riccardo posted the whole vlog on his official YouTube channel where the fighter met GSP and even trained with him.

Riccardo being a huge MMA fan was visibly excited in the vlog before meeting GSP. Both the superstars met each other and GSP started giving Riccardo some of the basic training and movements of MMA fighting. In the clip, Riccardo can also be seen learning choke and using that on GSP for fun.

Riccardo also posted about meeting GSP on his official Instagram account with picture of him posing with GSP. In the caption, Riccardo revealed that it was great feeling to meet and train with the former UFC champion. He wrote :

“Training with @georgesstpierre in Montreal was surreal!! What a treat.”

if this was just for fun or Ricardo is planning to actually learn MMA is what fight fans would certainly like know.

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