“You FAT motherf**ker,” Nate Diaz hurls BRUTAL insults at Daniel Cormier for latter’s assessment of Diaz’s fight at UFC 279

Diaz is 21-13 in his overall MMA career and is tied among the top 5 in the most submission wins in UFC history. Besides criticism for UFC 279, Cormier has also dismissed Diaz's chances in bare-knuckle fighting on his Youtube channel.

Daniel Cormier- Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz will not take unnecessary remarks from anyone, even if it’s a very honourable name in the fight industry, case in point, Daniel Cormier. Diaz is the most notable name in the fight game today, he recently ended his 15-year-old UFC career by fighting the last fight of his last contract with the company at the main event of UFC 279. Diaz was originally supposed to fight Khamzat Chimaev but due to the latter’s weight miss, Diaz fought former interim-UFC lightweight champion, Tony Ferguson.


Recently, Cormier talked about Diaz’s performance at UFC 279 on his segment with ESPN MMA titled The DC & RC Show. He said We were very excited once we got to where we got to. The product did not match the expectation… I’m not being unjust by saying that… A lot of the theatrics that happened inside the octagon was mixed in between some fighting that we’ve not come to know… Nate, for his part, at one point walked to the side of the octagon shaking his head, no. Ryan, I thought he was quitting. [h/t Sportskeeda]

Diaz took to Twitter to react to this take by Cormier. He basically posted a clip having a picture of a Cormier crying after his loss in his second fight with former UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones at UFC 214, however, the result was overturned by the Athletic Commission when Jones tested positive for PEDs. Along with posting the clip, Diaz also wrote in the captions “Respect your OG you fat motherfucker.” Cormier responds by saying “Nathan relax.”


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When Daniel Cormier counted out Nate Diaz’s chances in bare-knuckle boxing after rumours of BKFC’s offer


Following Diaz’s exit from the UFC, Cormier assessed what’s next for the Stockton, California native. He made his point in one of the videos on his Youtube channel. “The UFC is a little bit worse today because Nate Diaz is not there anymore,” says Cormier“I think next he’s gonna box Jake Paul, and if he doesn’t… there’s some interesting things out there for him. Mike Perry in bare-knuckle boxing, interesting! But I would not advise that for Nate Diaz… so Diaz has options… but he did leave the door open to come back…” he continued.

However, there were rumours of Diaz getting any offers from Bare-Knuckle Fighting Championship which were not true. As the air was cleared by sports journalist Ariel Helwani, Diaz is into a 3-month negotiation period with the UFC after the end of his last contract with the company. So no other party can approach Diaz with their offer, it’s illegal in short words.

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What do you make of Diaz verbally firing back at Cormier for the latter’s criticism of the former for UFC 279? What did you make of Diaz’s wins at UFC 279? Where do you put Diaz amongst the most fan-favourite fighters of all time? Diaz’s next move has less to do with fighting and more to do with promoting as evident from his recently founded promotional agency, Real Fight Inc.

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