“I think of the negative part a lot more” – Nate Diaz reveals why he NEVER INVITES friends and family to his fights

Nate Diaz discusses why he doesn't ask his family or friends to come watch his fight, adding fuel to the fire of the recent debate regarding this topic in MMA,

Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz is a favourite and a legend in the eyes of MMA fans, and with good reason.


Nate Diaz is known as one of the “realest’’ in the sport, which basically translates to him hardly doing any PR or publicity to sell his fights – they just sell themselves. From the iconic Stockton slap to other tactics of taunting his opponents, it’s safe to say that Nate Diaz brings the fight each time he steps into the octagon.

Although he is slightly reserved, from time to time, we get to delve deeper into the fighter’s psychology. A video, wherein he chats with Ariel Helwani, serves exactly that purpose.


In the interview, Helwani asks him if his dad (and his family and friends, in general) attend his fights, to which he replies, “Ah, no, not really.”, to which Helwani interjects, asking “You just don’t like anybody there, right?”

Nate Diaz then proceeds to say, “I just don’t tell nobody to come.I think people want invites and sh*t. But I just don’t like the feeling of that anyway. ‘Come watch me fight, come over here’, everybody talks to me like its some glorious thing. I think of the negative part a lot more than the positive part… like knocked out on your face in front of everybody, your teeth kicked in, breaking off your leg on the way down from the knockout. It’s f***ing serious to think about on the negative end.

Nate’s sentiment resonates with a lot of fighters. Without question, it is hard to take damage in front of those who care about the fighter’s safety – this is one of the aspects that only adds to the sport’s brutality.

Nate Diaz bloodied in the Jorge Masvidal fight

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Bringing children to fights is an especially heated topic in MMA

Kamaru Usman’s daughter weeping uncontrollably after his loss at UFC 278

With Nate Diaz going on record to talk of how the brutality of the sport keeps him from having his friends and family come and watch his fights, a related topic can be brought to life here.

The question of whether or not fighters’ children should be brought to events is an especially heated one in the sport right now. Last month, Kamaru Usman’s daughter saw him fall unconscious onto the canvas, and stay there for a minute or so. While the camera pans to the crowd, his daughter can be seen wailing frantically.

“The Nigerian Nightmare” himself claims that he wants his daughter to be able to see him perfect his craft. However, the first fighter to clap back at Usman’s claim was Conor McGregor, who finds himself firmly in the opposite camp.

His tweet captures his feeling perfectly – “ I feel this deep. I do not suggest bringing family whatsoever. Especially the children. This is different fighting. I’ve done both sides of this and feel going to the mission solo is best. You can see family again post battle. Will definitely be continuing this way going forward.

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While there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer to fighter conduct regarding bringing children, or in general, family to one’s fights, this issue might just be the only one that can form some sort of unity between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz.

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