“He should go to jail” – Netizens thrash Dana White after the UFC boss’ video of slapping his wife goes viral

UFC boss, Dana White finds himself in terrible situation after video of him slapping his wife goes viral.

“He should go to jail” – Netizens thrash Dana White after the UFC boss’ video of slapping his wife goes viral

Dana White hitting his wife Anne White

The new year seems to have started poorly for UFC president Dana White. On New Year’s Eve, White and his wife were seen on tape fighting physically, and he has now spoken out about the incident.

The president of UFC and his wife, Anne, were seen dancing in a nightclub in a video, made public by TMZ. The situation rapidly changed as White was seen receiving a smack from his wife before responding with several of his own.

Since then Dana white has taken full responsibility for the events according to his interview with TMZ. White stated that the fight was caused by alcohol and he could not recall anything of the events leading up to the argument.

Dana White and Anne both seemed to be highly intoxicated. According to witnesses, despite how swiftly it started, the incident ended just as quickly. The UFC head honcho has been in hot waters since the video went viral. Fans have called for action from UFC’s majority owners.

Fans mercilessly troll Dana White for hitting his wife

Fans have also brought up past incidents where the UFC boss himself has reprimanded UFC fighters for domestic violence. The MMA community now expects serious action to be taken on White’s actions.

Dana White hitting his wife
Dana White and his wife

White’s incident happened just as he was ramping up publicity for his upcoming Power Slap League project. The show which premiers on TBS on January 11 made the whole incident weirder. Let’s take a look at how the MMA community reacted to the altercation.

Anne also provided her account of the incident and defended White’s claims that their physical altercations are uncommon. There have been no reports of Mexican authority’s intervention in the event.

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