“That pisses me off” Paddy Pimblett shares his intense dislike of THIS AMERICAN thing

On The Residency Podcast, Paddy Pimblett shares his strong hatred of a certain American thing; calls it absolutely "sh*te".

Paddy Pimblett shares his dislike of this American thing

Paddy Pimblett is having a rockstar year. From winning in London twice, to capturing the collective imagination of millions across the globe, it will be a fair assessment to call “The Baddy” the UK’s bonafide MMA star.


While many fans held that either Darren Till or Leon Edwards would go on to become the biggest PPV stars from the UK, Paddy has come along and captured everyone’s attention. While he has not been tested against the killers of the division, he sure has proved that if not now, he will soon become the #1 PPV star of the promotion.

To reach that milestone, however, he must pay strict attention to his diet, which evidently, is not at the top of his priorities. He must look at stars in the GOAT contention, especially GSP, and how they treated their bodies like a temple.


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“I want bacon AND sausage” Paddy Pimblett is very clear about how he likes his breakfast

Paddy Pimblett (L), a full English breakfast (R)

Paddy Pimblett is an excellent grappler and definitely a skilled striker – the former was clearly seen in his submission of trash-talking Jordan Leavitt. He not only submitted him, but also managed to deliver on his promise of tea-bagging the fighter.

Paddy Pimblett, currently, is on a tour of America, where he is sampling the immense culinary platter of the continent. As one knows, the US has literally a food item to delight every last tongue on the planet. Paddy is no different – he is taking in the smells, and also the foods on offer.

In San Diego as of now, the Briton is being exposed to a diverse culinary experience – from the signature Baja tacos to San Diego pizza. He regularly posts videos on his YouTube channel exploring the local haunts, usually with close friend and another famous fighter, Molly “Meatball” McCann.

One thing that Paddy has absolutely shown disdain over while exploring the US is their breakfast. The English love their breakfast – it usually consists of Egg, Bacon, Sausage, Tomato and bread. As per him, on the The Residency Podcast, “Who wants bacon or sausage? You want bacon and sausage…” highlighting how American diners give their customer a choice between the two. Additionally, he said, “Your hash browns are f***ing sh*t”, to which the co-host replied with, “I agree.” Summing it up, he said, “One thing that pisses me off is how sh*t your breakfasts are.

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It is all good and fine for a fighter to let loose between fights and enjoy himself. Although it’s a full-time job, fighters are encouraged to let their bodies recover. However, no fighter in recent memory goes to the extreme lengths Paddy Pimblett does – he balloons up to 200 pounds (he fights at 155). If he keeps this up, he must also trade in the longevity of his career. As of now, everything is going swimmingly for the fighter – his star is only bound to grow.

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