“He’s an entertainer” Sean O’Malley weighs in on potential fight between Jake Paul and Michael Bisping

UFC bantamweight star Sean O'Malley gives his reaction to Jake Paul calling out Michael Bisping for a boxing match.

Sean O'Malley talks about Jake Paul vs Michael Bisping

Many MMA fans might not be on board for a fight between Jake Paul and Michael Bisping but bantamweight star Sean O’Malley is all in for the fight.

According to Sean O’Malley, the two entertaining fighters collaborating could be a huge hit. Jake Paul has managed to put on amazing shows for combat sports fans in the last couple of years. The YouTube sensation managed to transition to boxing and go 5-0 in his professional boxing career. Jake has fought some of the biggest names and saw great success in his PPV boxing matches.

Sean “Suga” O’Malley

After beating two former champions from MMA in boxing matches, Jake has called out former middleweight champion Michael Bisping to a boxing match on Twitter. Bisping might be retired from professional fighting but is never out for a bit of banter. Bisping has agreed to take on Paul. O’Malley, a friend of Jake and Logan Paul is rooting for the Bisping vs Paul fight to take place.

Sean has been a true entertainer inside and outside the octagon. He has built himself a huge following on YouTube with his The BroMalley show and recently gave his thoughts on Paul calling out Bisping.

Sean O’Malley thinks Jake Paul vs Michael Bisping is the “Perfect fight”

Jake Paul offers Michael Bisping a fight contract

“I think it’s a perfect fight,” said O’Malley on his recent episode on YouTube. “Dude, you got to remember it’s Jake Paul. He is an entertainer and now he is boxing but I still feel like he’s more of an entertainer. He might be training like a professional but he is still an entertainer. Bisping, that’s a massive fight.”

“I think people would be hyped up…Bisping is great sh*t-talker. Bisping can box four-five times better than Tyron,” said O’Malley on the show. Jake took on former welterweight champion Tyron Woodley twice in the boxing ring and beat him both times. The second time Jake beat Woodley, he shook the world as he knocked out the former champ cold on the canvas.

Do you agree with O’Malley? Watch the full episode below:

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