“Shave your goddamn head” – Joe Rogan once commented on LeBron James’ hair mishap

UFC color commentator once had a hilarious reaction towards a hair mishap LeBron James faced in a game against Utah Jazz.

Joe Rogan and LeBron James

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan has amassed immeasurable popularity over the years. Rogan’s commentary is often enjoyed by MMA fans. The UFC loyalist has been working with the promotion since 1997. Along with being a commentator and MMA fanatic, Rogan is also a martial artist. The former fear factor host is efficient in martial arts such as Taekwondo and BJJ. 

While Rogan’s popularity grew due to martial arts, it was further boosted due to his podcast. The UFC commentator is the host of The Joe Rogan Experience. On the podcast, he discusses various topics with several notable guests. Mike Tyson and Michael Chandler are some of the big names who have appeared on Rogan’s podcast. The podcast started on YouTube in 2010, but after a mega deal, the show is now available on Spotify. Along with spreading information on the podcast, Rogan also expresses strong views.

Similarly, the veteran commentator was once critical of LeBron James. Rogan took a shot at the basketball star after the latter suffered a mishap on the court. Also, as expected, Rogan did not hold back in expressing his views. 

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Joe Rogan took a shot at LeBron James for suffering through a hair mishap

Joe Rogan during an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience

Many NBA fans consider LeBron James as the greatest player in the NBA. Because of his extreme physicality and skills, the 4-time NBA champion has cemented his place in the basketball world. While many fans adore the NBA legend for the same, UFC color commentator Rogan once dissed James for a hair mishap he suffered on the court. 

In 2019, the Los Angeles Lakers played the Utah Jazz. As a star player for the Lakers, James was heavily involved in the game. During this game, the 4-time champion suffered through a mishap as his hair fell out. On an episode of his globally famous podcast, Rogan pointed out the same. 

The long-time UFC commentator started off by praising James. Rogan said, “The guy is a f***g billionaire. He’s a god amongst men. He’s a giant super athlete with a really well-shaped head.” However, Rogan did not end this with the same praises. Due to the hair mishap, he believed James should shave his head off. “What the f**k man? Shave your goddamn head. He’s got some nonsense glued on his head that’s like not his hair,” concluded Rogan. 

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While Rogan was critical of James in this aspect, he also appreciated the NBA legend. While speaking on his podcast, Rogan had once mentioned that James would do very well if he moved to MMA. With influencer and celebrity fighting becoming an important part of combat sports, Do you think LeBron James will ever put up the gloves? Do let us know your answers in the comments below. 

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