WATCH: Tai Tuivasa ENJOYS well-deserved time off at Disneyland Paris

UFC Heavyweight Contender Tai Tuivasa shares Instagram posts with Tyson Pedro enjoying his time at Disneyland in Paris, using rest to reset after loss to Ciryl Gane.

Tai Tuivasa

Aussie heavyweight contender Tai Tuivasa is fresh off a gladiator-esque loss to Ciryl Gane, at UFC Paris. The bout that took place just a couple of days back, showed Tuivasa’s insane determination, grit and legitimate future title contendership.


The 5-round main event, in which Ciryl Gane entered as the heavy favourite, Tai Tuivasa managed to show why he can be a test for the best of the best in the UFC’s most vicious division.

Despite falling prey to the immense volume of body kicks that Gane threw at Tuivasa, he was able to keep standing for most of the fight; till the 3rd round, where a right hand caught Tuivasa flush on the chin, from where it all started to go downhill. Concussed, the Australian fighter struggled to regain his equilibrium when Gane rallied and finished the fight with a couple of clobbering fists.


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Can Tai Tuivasa mount another shot at the Heavyweight throne despite brutal TKO by Ciryl Gane?

Tai Tuivasa (R) rallies against Ciryl Gane (L)

In a story posted to his Instagram, Tai Tuivasa can be seen enjoying his time off in Paris after the fight. After all, despite the loss, the fighter deserves props and a chance to unwind before getting into the gears of heavy training once again.

The tattoed Tuivasa is seen wearing a Micky Mouse headband, eating two ice creams and getting mockingly “knocked out” by Disneyland, alongside friend and fellow fighter, Tyson Pedro.

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Tai Tuivasa might have lost in a fashion that did not echo the fight’s proceedings as accurately as possible, but, one thing is for sure – Tuivasa will definitely rally back, and get into training, as he was doing prior to the loss.

At just 29 years, “Bam Bam” could have the fate of the entire Heavyweight division in his hands. With champion Francis Ngannou getting older, and the biggest threats to the division, Stipe Miocic and one of the greatest fighters of all time, Jon Jones fighting against the clock as well; it seems like Tuivasa will hit his stride just in the sweet spot.

When the big 3 are gone – that is, namely, Ngannou, Stipe and Jones, the Heavyweight division could unravel in his favour. But, for that to happen, he must rack up a few wins and meet No.1 contender Ciryl Gane again, and beat him. The reason for that is, that despite his loss to Ngannou, the Frenchman looks like the biggest threat to the throne right now.

Tuivasa is a bonafide talent – he was knocking people out without even enduring a proper, focused fight camp. The one time that he did prepare as well as he could have, he nearly knocked out the division’s most skilled and technical fighter. If Tuivasa plays his cards right, he might just end up becoming champion in the future which is not so distant.

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