“Be fearful of Hollywood Usman” – UFC 278 Kamaru Usman believes Leon Edwards is distracted by “shining lights”

Kamaru Usman has gone Hollywood after the announcement of his cameo in the new Black Panther movie. The UFC 278 star warns his rival, Leon Edwards, to not let that distract him from training properly.

Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman is not one to shy away from boasting about his lavish lifestyle. The welterweight champion is also Hollywood Usman from now and has a warning for his rival, Leon Edwards ahead of UFC 278.


Recently it was announced that Kamaru Usman will be featuring in the new Marvel Black Panther movie, “Wakanda Forever”. Ever since then the term “Hollywood Usman” has been a running joke among the MMA community and the champ is fully embracing it. The fighter is seen wearing proper designer outfits and turning up to places in a flashy manner.

Leon Edwards, Usman’s opponent for the upcoming welterweight title fight at UFC 278 made some comments about this new change for the champ and has gotten a response out from the champ. Kamaru was recently in an interview with SportsCenter ahead of his pay-per-view bout. The fighter doesn’t want Leon to misinterpret the flashy lights around Usman as the champ being distracted from his fighting life. Not only is Usman now Hollywood, but he is also being paid the big bucks from the UFC for his dominant reign in the welterweight division.


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Kamaru Usman says his Hollywood self is still working hard in the shadows

Kamaru Usman

Usman was asked about his “Hollywood Usman” transformation in the SportsCenter interview and the champ was very sportive about the jokes headed his way. Kamaru also says that Edwards should be more fearful of Hollywood Usman than Nigerian Nightmare. “He should be definitely more fearful of Hollywood Usman,” Kamaru jokingly warned Edwards to beware of “Hollywood Usman”.

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“There’s a common misconception with that when they think just because they say Usman shining, they think he is not working in the shadows. That’s the biggest misconception for them. In order for Usman to be shining, he has to be working in the shadows and he continues to work so they definitely should be more fearful of Hollywood Usman,” Usman spoke in the interview.

Kamaru Usman now has a tremendous net worth and has a completely new lifestyle. The fighter has taken over the welterweight division and is argued to be the best to ever do it. A champion like Usman surely deserves to live the king’s life for all the effort he’s put to get himself into a position like this.

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