WATCH: Valentina Shevchenko’s POV from the tunnel to the cage during intense walkout at UFC 275

Watch this intense walkout from the perspective of Valentina Shevchenko

Watch Shevchenko's cold hearted walkout at UFC 275

Watch as the flyweight Champion Valentina Shevchenko makes her walkout for UFC 275. We all know the toughest part before doing something legendary is the nerves that hit right before it. Shevchenko shared what this feeling looks like as she posted a video of her vantage point during the walk out to the octagon.


Shevchenko had one of her toughest title defenses against Taila Santos earlier this week in Singapore. Regardless the flyweight champion was able to come out on the other side with her belt held high and her pride as high as ever.

The fight saw Shevchenko being taken down after a long time, she even got caught up in some of Santos’ submission attempts but was able to properly defend them even in the direst of moments. Valentina was able to gain back her momentum in the later rounds as she started mixing it up well with her elite striking and even scoring hard slam takedowns on Taila.


When the scorecards were announced, Valentina Shevchenko was declared the winner via split decision, a first in her flyweight championship reign. In the post-fight press conference she would reveal that though she wasn’t extremely proud of her performance she dealt with everything that she expected would be thrown her way from Santos and her camp.

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A stoic Valentina Shevchenko walks into the Singapore indoor stadium at UFC 275

Despite the tough route to victory Shevchenko was given credit to remain calm in the face of adversity better than her rival Nunes could

In an unrelated question about the lack of a victory dance, Shevchenko would also reveal that she had a broken foot going into fight week hence she avoided her standard ballet dance that follows her victories.

The stoicism seen from Shevchenko at the end of the fight is much more intense before she makes the walkout. As her entrance song cues, Shevchenko who’s in the back is given 15 seconds before the beat drops and she’s broadcasted onto the big screen. Though her sister and coaches seem jovial and can be seen chattering in the back, Valentina seems Lazer focused not even soaring a smile. As she starts walking out to the song, “Lezginka” she’s hounded by the UFC cameras and fans alike as she makes her way out the tunnel.

The song itself is very upbeat, a standard addition to most weddings and dances in the caucus regions but here it is the sound of a daughter of those regions using it as a clarion call before battle. The video follows her all the way to the ring where the cutman checks her nails and gets her ready to fight with the vaseline applied to her face. It cuts at the moment Shevchenko enters the octagon and is all by herself as she walks towards another record for the history books.

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