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Venus and her sister Serena Williams own UFC’s shares worth $125 million of the BIGGEST MMA promotion, who owns more

Serena has a record of winning 23 Grand Slams whereas Venus has won 7. Both women today are 2 of the highest-paid female athletes in all of sports history. So, accumulating wealth through wealth itself is a must skill for the ladies.

Dana White- Williams' Sisters

With the women tennis, the first 2 names to come in your mind should be that of Serena Williams and her sister Venus Williams. The younger legend, Serena has won a record of 23 Grand Slams before announcing her retirement recently, which was scheduled for post US Open 2022. This is the most achieved by any player in history of the sport, only behind Margaret Court’s 24 Grand Slams record. Williams has reigned as the #1 Women Tennis player for a record of 319 weeks.


Venus is the elder sister of the two and has the record for winning 7 Grand Slam titles, 5 at the Wimbledon and 2 at US Open. She is also the Olympic champion from the 2000s Sydney Olympics. Both the Williams sister were coached by their parents Oracene Price and Richard Williams. In 2021, a movie was dedicated to Richard Williams known as King Richard, in which actor Will Smith played the father of the 2 girls who went on two become one of the greatest sports siblings in all of sports history.

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Serena Williams and Venus Williams join Tom Brady, Maria Sharapova and more for people who own huge lumps of shares in the UFC

Serena and Venus Williams

When the UFC was brought by the Endeavor Group Holdings and it turned into a public company for the market, various big names decided to invest in their wealth for the accumulation and buy in the shares of the world’s biggest organization of the world’s fastest growing sport today. The UFC was founded in the year 1993 by businessman Art Davie and Rorian Gracie from the prestigious Gracie family, the founding family of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Later on in 2001, the UFC was brought by the Zuffa Entertainment under the direct control of Dana White and the Fertitta brothers, for a price of just $2 million. Eventually, the Zuffa was brought by WME-IMG or the Endeavor Group Holdings in 2016 for a whopping amount of over $4 billion. Today, multiple megastars from different fields varying from sports to entertainment own shares in the UFC. The names include the Williams sisters as well.

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With Serena having the net worth of around $250 million and Venus with her net worth of nearly $100 million, how much do you think the sisters own as in the shares of the UFC? According to SportsKeeda in a 2018 article, Serena Williams owns a whopping $75 million worth of the UFC and her sister Venus owns $50 million.

What do you make of the shareholdings of the Williams sister? Fair enough the latest records are not there on how the shares are currently worth, but the way UFC has been growing up as a promotion, there’s no denying that the profits have skyrocketed for the people including these 2 tennis legends.

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