“F**k around and get kicked in the dome” – WATCH: Jose Aldo obliterated opponent with insane soccer kick

Jose Aldo once brutally kicked his opponent with a soccer kick to KO him.

Jose Aldo

Jose Aldo is one of the most popular MMA fighters of the last decade. The Brazilian has achieved everything inside the octagon and has given fans a lot of entertaining fights. Aldo is often considered the GOAT of the UFC featherweight division and was unstoppable in his prime. Aldo joined UFC back in 2011 and had a great run in the promotion but he was knocking opponents out even before that.


In an old viral video, Junior can be seen fighting in the year 2005 at Rio MMA challenge 1 when he went against Aritano Barbosa that dropped the opponent on the ground which was followed by some vicious soccer kicks to the head. Those kicks were so nasty that the opponent was out cold in a second.

Back then soccer kicks were a heated debate because they were considered highly dangerous. But there weren’t any solid rules regarding it and it was like that in many MMA promotions. It seemed like Aldo and many others liked soccer kicks as a great way to finish a grounded opponent.


On top of that, Aldo is from a famous football nation, Brazil. The Brazilian even showed his skills with the ball back in the day which was a great show for the fans. From kicking balls to kicking heads it all came very naturally to Aldo.

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When did Soccer kicks got banned in MMA, was Jose Aldo’s move legal?

Jose Aldo Soccer kicks

Soccer kicks are considered to be one of the most controversial moves in MMA for a long time now. Currently, the kicks are banned under the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts however, many promotions such as Pride Fighting, One Championship and Rizin fighting federation still allow them. Even in the Rio MMA challenge 1 soccer kicks were legal and hence Jose Aldo used it.

However, the ban took place in 2000 when Dr Johnny Benjamin proposed that soccer kicks are extremely dangerous. According to Benjamin, the kicks have the potential to break necks and result in paralysis due to the high velocity at which MMA fighters land them. Hardcore MMA fans argued that there are many other moves similar to soccer kicks which can potentially result in massive damage. Hence, they shouldn’t be banned. However, the safety of the fighters was given priority and the kicks were banned forever.

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The soccer kicks are still being used in many other MMA promotions and fans are definitely enjoying them. Up until now, there have not been any cases where the fighter got injured, especially due to a soccer kick.

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