UFC on ABC: Carlos Condit won via Unanimous decision against Matt Brown

UFC on ABC: Carlos Condit won via Unanimous decision against Matt Brown
Carlos Condit vs. Matt Brown

In a clash between the welterweight veterans Carlos Condit 31-13-0 and Matt Brown 24-17-0. Carlos Condit won via unanimous decision after a three round war.


Round 1 Carlos Condit displayed some beautiful striking at the beginning of the round and then Brown returned fire. Halfway through the round Brown took Condit down and kept him there.

Round 2 Both of these fighters started throwing hands, Brown landed a huge elbow but Condit scored a beautiful trip to take Brown down and landed some heavy ground impound he controlled Brown throughout the rest of the round.

Round 3 The last round was the most interesting one. Both the fighters were looking to take each other down and keep each other there. Brown attempted a takedown but Condit slipped out and controlled Brown on the ground. Brown turned him around and the came on top, Condit got up took Brown down and again Brown turned that around and ended up the fight on top.


Carlos Condit needs to consider a few things before he can think about making his title run

Carlos Condit

In the post fight interview Condit said that he needs to consider many things before making his title run. This was the last fight of Condit under UFC’s contract now it will be interesting to see if UFC renews his contract or now.

Result: Carlos Condit def. Matt Brown via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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