“Understands boxing better than Conor,” Petr Yan takes a dig at Conor McGregor after Dustin Poirier called him the best boxer in UFC

Petr Yan is happy Dustin Poirier recognizes him as the best boxer in the UFC.

Petr Yan and Dustin Poirier

Petr Yan is grateful that UFC lightweight title contender Dustin Poirier recognizes him as the greatest boxer in all of UFC.

There has been a constant debate in the UFC about who the best boxer is. From Max Holloway to Conor McGregor, a list of fighters have made claim to that throne. Petr Yan is the very latest addition to the list of fighters that has been recognized for his amazing boxing skills. The current interim bantamweight champion is coming off an exquisite striking display at UFC 267 against Cory Sandhagen.

A fan tweet riled up the Irish superstar, Conor, to attack the Russian and the other fighters for being called better than Conor. Yan and Conor went back and forth arguing who the better boxer is on Twitter earlier this month. The Russian now has the co-sign of Conor’s bitter rival, Dustin Poirier.

In the recent episode of MMA Hour hosted by Ariel Helwani, Dustin called the Russian the greatest boxer in the UFC and Petr was quick to acknowledge the praise. “Obviously [Dustin] understands boxing better than [Conor],” wrote Petr in his tweet.

“He throws clean power shots,” Dustin Poirier praises Petr Yan

Yan vs Sandhagen at UFC 267

“I think Petr Yan is [the best boxer in the UFC]. He doesn’t waste a lot of his movement. His footwork is never out of position, he doesn’t load up, he throws clean power shots. He has good accuracy, works the body well, goes up, goes down. It is just a lot of things that he does really well,” said Poirier on the MMA Hour recent episode talking about Petr.

Both Petr and Max Holloway make great cases for being the best boxer in the UFC. The Russian, according to UFC stats, has a better striking accuracy but Holloway has a better significant strikes landed per minute. Yan definitely has lesser fights than Holloway in the UFC but the fans have started to recognize his striking skill since his dominant performance against Cory. Who do you think is the best boxer in the UFC?

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