“Hypocritical b***h”- Petr Yan exposes Aljamain Sterling for striking him in the back of the head

Petr Yan calls out Aljamain Sterling for being a pretender and fake champion.

Aljamain Sterling Petr Yan
Aljamain Sterling vs Petr Yan

The feud between Petr Yan and Sterling started back at UFC UFC 259 when the duo fought for the UFC Bantamweight Championship belt. During the fight, in the fourth round, Yan accidentally or intentionally hit Sterling with an illegal knee which cost him the title.

After one year, the pair will get the chance to settle the score at UFC 273. The event is going to take place inside the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena, Jacksonville United States on April 9.

Coming to the fight both the fighters haven’t left a chance of dissing eachother on public. Aljamain have been accusing Yan from the past years for being a cheater. On the other hand Yan is calling Aljamain a paper champ. It will be interesting to see how their beef finally ends.

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Petr Yan accuses Aljamain Sterling for cheating in their last face off

Aljamain Sterling Petr Yan knee
Aljamain Sterling and Petr Yan

Petr Yan recently took to Twitter to share a clip of the Bantamweight title fight between him and sterling.

In the clip, the ‘Funkmaster‘ can be seen landing a shot on the back of the head of Yan. During that shot, Yan was on the ground on his knees and the shot was clearly illegal. In the caption, Yan wrote “Hypocritical bitch.” Which was meant for Sterling.

By showing this clip, Yan wanted to state to the fans that Sterling is a hypocrite individual who himself lands illegal shots. But when the same happens to him, he plays the victim.

Indeed the shot landed by Sterling was illegal but that doesn’t cancel out the fact that Yan’s knee was in any way justified. When Yan landed the knee, Sterling was on his knees and the strike hit his face extremely hard. As soon as the knee got connected, everybody in the arena knew it was illegal and should not have been attempted. After the incident, the fight was stopped and Sterling was announced the winner via disqualification.

Since then, the bad blood between Yan and Sterling got more serious as the Russian claimed that Sterling is a fake champion. Both the fighters have been very verbal against each other and have not wasted any chance to throw shade at each other.

But the rivalry will soon reach its end when both the Bantamweight superstars will meet each other inside the octagon. Many fight fans have set their eyes on the bout to know who will become the rightful UFC Bantamweight Champion.

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