“It’s still a little bit uncomfortable,” Rafael Fiziev isn’t happy about fighting his friend Brad Riddell

Rafael Fiziev shared what he felt going up against and knocking out his friend and former training partner, Brad Riddle at UFC Vegas 44.

Rafael Fiziev and Brad Riddell
Rafael Fiziev beats Brad Riddell at UFC Vegas 44

Rafael Fiziev went up against his friend and former training partner, Brad Riddell at UFC Vegas 44, December 5. The event was a very great night for the fans but it seems for Fiziev, knocking out his friend was not something he would enjoy or even feel comfortable about.

“I feel uncomfortable when I started,” Fiziev told reporters. “Not too much. I understand this is a real fight. Maybe he would knock me out, but it’s still a little bit uncomfortable.”

As it turned out, Fiziev was the one who wound up getting the knockout first. It took nearly all of the fight before he reads on Riddell paid off with a perfectly placed wheel kick. Riddell froze in place before hitting the deck with a few follow-up shots, and referee Herb Dean stepped in to halt any further punishment.

“I wait for this third round,” Fiziev said. “When I started to put him to the cage, I see when he goes right, he every time drops his hands, and I’m just thinking I need to do a spinning backfist or a spinning back-kick. I make spinning back-kick.”

I don’t know if I’m sad or I’m happy,” Rafael Fiziev isn’t celebrating this win against Brad Riddell

Rafael Fiziev
Rafael Fiziev gets his hand raised as he secures a win by KO

For Fiziev, the feeling of knocking out a friend wasn’t much more comfortable. He and Riddell had been friends in Thailand and even held the same coaching job at the Tiger muay Thai gym. Riddell called Fiziev when the UFC proposed a fight between them, and the two agreed to get it over with so they could both stay active.

It was Fiziev’s seventh win by knockout in his MMA career and his second in the octagon. As a kickboxer, he knocked out 29 people. And yet, this one was a surprise just like any other. “I don’t know if I’m sad or I’m happy, because it’s not so good when your friend’s like that,” he said. “Of course, I’m happy, and sad, and happy. I don’t know.”

“I never find knockouts in my fights, and I never try to make a knockout, and I never believe this before a fight,” he said. “I wanted from him damage, and I took it. I go to my kitchen today, and I try to cook something.” With five straight wins, Fiziev, the #13 fighter in the rankings, is likely to take another step up on the UFC lightweight ladder.

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