‘He chose not to do that’ – Randy Couture hits out at Conor McGregor over UFC Fighter pay issue

The UFC Hall of Famer's accusations come amidst the raging UFC fighter pay issue.

Randy Couture and Conor McGregor
Randy Couture and Conor McGregor

It looks like UFC legend Randy Couture is not happy with Conor McGregor. The fighter pay issue has been going on and on for ages. It recently gained traction after a certain Jake Paul blasted UFC President Dana White for paying his fighters less, despite the sport being the riskiest among all. Paul who is generally disliked by the MMA community, gained their support following his comments.

However, there are a few exceptions in the sport like Conor McGregor. ‘The face of the fight game’ is paid boatloads of cash for just showing up to a fight. Elsewhere, UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture brought up McGregor’s boxing fight against Floyd Mayweather where he made almost $100 million.

Couture hit out at McGregor for bringing Dana White and the UFC into the fight, despite rendering his UFC contract null and void. The UFC legend wasn’t particularly happy with McGregor not being very vocal about the fighter pay issue.

He made $100 million off that fight with Floyd Mayweather‘ – Randy Couture on Floyd Mayweather

In an interview with Damon Martin of MMA Fighting, Couture was quoted as saying, “As soon as he got a boxing license, he rendered his UFC contract null and void. He had the protections of the Muhammad Ali Act when he became an official boxer with that boxing number and he chose to bring Dana White and company back into that fight when he could have done all that on his own, kept all that money to himself and shined a light on the problem in mixed martial arts. He chose not to do that.

Couture continued, “He made $100 million off that fight with Floyd Mayweather. That’s more than he’ll probably ever make in mixed martial arts to be truthful.”

Only a select few like McGregor are privileged in a sport like MMA. The rest step into the Octagon, risk their lives and walk home with only a decent amount of cash, which is nothing when compared to other sports.

McGregor is currently preparing himself for his trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier. The fight is set to headline UFC 264 on the 10th of July in Las Vegas. The winner of the fight will get to fight newly-crowned lightweight champion Charles Oliveira in a title showdown.

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