“Give me a top-five guy, you know? Maybe, Vicente Luque,” Santiago Ponzinibbio wants some bigger challenge after an impressive performance

After an impressive victory against Miguel Baeza, Santiago Ponzinibbio called out the top contender Vicente Luque, and he thinks it will be an interesting matchup.

Santiago Ponzinibbio Vicente Luque
Santiago Ponzinibbio vs Vicente Luque

Santiago Ponzinibbio went through a rough couple of years, but he made his comeback at UFC Vegas 28, he picked his first victory since November 2018, and he did that in the possible fight of the year candidate.

Ponzinibbio faced Miguel Baeza and won a highly competitive fight via unanimous decision, he won the “Fight of the Night” bonus for this one.

After the fight, he said that he felt pretty good in there and now the Argentinian dagger is back, “I tried to listen to my corner. I tried to not be nervous. He was very slippery, but I tried to (implement) my strategy. (In) the first round, I (didn’t like) my performance, but this just (led into) my second and my third round. I put the real Argentinian dagger (forth) – the real Santiago Ponzinibbio.”

“It’s crazy,” Ponzinibbio said. “It goes so fast and there are so many things in your head. … That third round, I started putting (together) punches and I said, ‘Man, this has been fun, man. This is very fun. The guy is giving me punches, too.’ I love this kind of fight. It’s very fun.” (h/t MMAJunkie.com)

“Brother, after 26 months that I sat (and watched) the division, Santiago Ponzinibbio has his eyes set on the next target

Santiago Ponzinibbio
Santiago Ponzinibbio

Ponzinibbio had a long lay off dealing with many health issues, he said that he closely studied the division while he was gone, and now he is ready to call his shots.

“Brother, after 26 months that I sat (and watched) the division, doing nothing, I don’t like to take time off,” Ponzinibbio said. “I’d like to make, if I can, two more fights this year. Hopefully, I have the next week to work in Phoenix or work here in Vegas. I don’t care, you know? I’m back to my training, you know? I have this week to relax a little my body, then back to training. Maybe, at the end of August or September, (I’ll be back).”

“I’d really like to get back in the rankings. Give me a top-five guy, you know? Maybe, Vicente Luque. He’s coming (up) very well. We can do very exciting fighting. I respect him a lot. Maybe we can do a fight.” (h/t MMAJunkie.com)

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