Sean O’Malley has a bizarre conspiracy theory on why Louis Smolka pulled out from their fight

Sean O'Malley recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel where he came up with a crazy conspiracy theory on why Louis Smolka pulled out from their fight at UFC 264.

Sean O'Malley
Sean O'Malley
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Sean O’Malley was supposed to face Louis Smolka at UFC 264, but Smolka had to pull out from the fight due to some undisclosed injury, “The Sugar Show” wanted to stay on the card, and started looking for a replacement.

Smolka has now revealed that he was forced to pull out from the fight due to a staph infection, but O’Malley has a bizarre conspiracy for this one as well, he talked about this on his YouTube channel, he said, “Smolka’s manager was at my gym watching me spar the other day, a couple of weeks ago. I was on fire, I was on fire. He asked Tim and I, respectfully, he said ‘hey, do you mind if I sit and watch.’ I said ‘enjoy the s**t,’ no I didn’t say that I said ‘watch, tell him whatever you want, I don’t care.’ I looked f*****g sharp that day, this is complete conspiracy theory, I looked sharp, I was on f*****g fire.”

O’Malley added, “Sparring day for me is an opportunity to perform. In my head, it’s the fight, I have to perform and do what I do in the Octagon, I have to perform. Just another day. I looked good, I looked really good,” O’Malley continued. “Did his manager go ‘hey bud, I love you don’t take this fight I don’t want you to die?’ Might’ve. Smolka licking f*****g wresting mats trying to get staph, I don’t even know if that’s how you get staph. I don’t know dude, that’s a conspiracy theory, so maybe that’s what happened, maybe not. I don’t blame the dude.”

Here’s the official statement from Louis Smolka for pulling out from the fight against Sean O’Malley

Louis Smolka instagram
Louis Smolka instagram

Smolka revealed that he got infected with Staph infection, and although he wanted to continue that medical staff deemed him medically unfit, he said, “I was really excited about this fight. Being from Hawaii, I have that just scrap mentality so if it was solely up to me, I’d still fight. But I have an infection so unfortunately, I’ve been deemed medically unfit. It sucks, but we have to be responsible about my health and the health of my training partners and opponent,”

“I understand that Sean is set to stay on the card so I wish him the best. I’m sure we will see each other down the line. This is a bummer, but it’s the reality of fight camps and continuous training. We are optimistic that we can get a new date set for you all when my infection clears.” wrote Smolka.

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