“Gave more to people than he ever has,” Sean O’Malley delivers detailed response to Marlon Vera after being mocked for recording philanthropy

Sean O'Malley and Marlon Vera fought each other back in August of 2020 at UFC 252 when Vera won via first-round TKO.

Up and coming UFC bantamweight and megastar Sean O’Malley is not just an exceptionally good striker for the deepest division in the UFC, the bantamweight, but is also a fun-loving, positive and up to date millennial who likes to do everything a teenager would dream off parties, spending on luxuries and a little bit of philanthropy for the sake of some goodwill. O’Malley however, faced some backlash not long ago from the man who handed his only loss in the UFC career.

UFC Bantamweight Marlon Vera didn’t like the way O’Malley was recording himself for a Youtube video in which he gives $100 bills to every person that comes out of a Walmart store for fun and to spread some smiles. Vera made a point taking it to Twitter saying, “U don’t need a camera guy to help people. you piece of sh*t,” it’s up to you to give your verdict on whether Vera’s point had validity or not, but here are O’Malley’s thoughts on the same.

Sean O’Malley asks Marlon Vera if he should feel what he feels or what other people say he should feel

"Gave more to people than he ever has," Sean O'Malley delivers detailed response to Marlon Vera after being mocked for recording philanthropy 2

Sean O’Malley took it to his podcast that he has with his brother Daniel O’Malley to talk about Vera’s tweet and began by saying about Marlon Vera, without actually taking his name, “Some people didn’t like it like this one guy tweeted something like ‘you can give money… you don’t need a camera guy to be nice’… it says camera guy like Woah! First of all, it’s my sister, she’s a girl, don’t be sexist. Wow. Like girls can record videos too,”

Then O’Malley saw the tweet again to repeat exactly what Vera said, then proceeded by talking about the situation, “I was actually taken aback by that. I thought that if I did that without recording it, the people I gave it to wouldn’t care… so that was my fault I actually learnt something today.”

In the end, O’Malley concluded, “I don’t know dude, I thought it was pretty fun, I actually enjoyed it. I had a good feeling in my heart giving money to those people…most of them were like ‘oh my god dude I needed this,’ so I still felt like a good person dude, even if I am a piece of sh*t [according to Vera] and I think that’s what matters. Does it matter what I feel, or does it matter what someone thinks how I should feel?… I guarantee you this year I gave more to my people than he ever has, my people, random people, f**k it, no way he’s done that.”

Who do you side with in this situation, O’Malley or Vera? Who do you think wins if they ever go down for a rematch? What do you think is otherwise next for these elite bantamweights?

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