“Should have got paid more”- admits Brock Lesnar as he compares working with Dana White and Vince McMahon for 20 years

Brock Lesnar talks about his life with WWE president Vince McMahon and UFC President Dana White, his pre fight jitters and more.

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar

“The Beast” Brock Lesnar has shared a lot of time in the fight game as he signed with WWE right after becoming a 2 time NCAA champion and had a good run with the UFC where he became the heavyweight champion.

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Brock Lesnar with UFC President Dana White

He is nothing short of a superstar as he was one of the highest-paid on the roasters of both UFC and WWE. He also headlined some of the highest-selling PPVs for the UFC only to be rivaled by megastars such as Conor McGregor.

As Brock Lesnar worked closely with both Dana and Vince he sure did have a relationship with the two boss men. “Dana’s all right,” Lesnar said when addressing his relationship with the UFC president. “I’ve got a lot of money from him. I probably should have got paid more, maybe.” Even as he was one of the highest-paid fighters at UFC, it was still grains compared to what the top boxers were earning.

He also continued “I really can’t compare the two guys,” Lesnar said. “Honestly, my relationship with Vince is so different than it is with Dana over the years. Vince and I have had a love-hate relationship for the last 20 years, but it’s been good. We have a lot of water under the bridge. I have a lot of respect for both.”

“There are nerves involved with both” says Brock Lesnar as he compares fighting in a ring and an octagon

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Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon

“It’s a different game entering the octagon,” Lesnar said. “I’m telling you, you’ve got to be half batsh*t crazy. You do. I practiced in an octagon before so i didn’t have the jitters but when you are in front of 20000 people and they shut the door, and its like, OK here we go.”

Having worked with both of them for decades Brock Lesnar respected Dana White and Vince a lot, as to say” But dealing with Dana, it’s just a totally different business approach. I met Vince when I was younger. I look at Vince more as a father figure actually. Because I’ve learned a lot of things from him, and I was able to carry those things over and handle business with Dana. Vince is a self-made person, so is Dana. Took the company and made it public.” 

Brock Lesnar is now a household name in both UFC and WWE with hi currently working week in and out at Smackdown and Raw, he surely goes down as a future Hall Of Famer.

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