“Lick a*** for press”- Conor McGregor mounts lengthy tirade on Henry Cejudo following comments on training footage

Conor McGregor and Henry Cejudo battle it out on the internet while dishing out some advice.

Henry Cejudo and Conor McGregor
Double champs

Former double champs Conor McGregor and Henry Cejudo have been at each other’s necks, Conor throwing a barrage of insults Henry’s way on Twitter

Conor ” Mystic Mac” McGregor has been sidelined ever since he suffered a leg injury at UFC 264 where he fought Dustin Porier for the third time. Conor seems to be angling for a return to the octagon at a bigger weight class and has taken his sweet time for preparation, as he should.

Dustin Poirier knocks out Conor McGregor - FirstSportz
Dustin knocks out Conor McgGregor

“The Triple C”, on the other hand, retired after his bantamweight title defence against Dominick Cruz at UFC 249. Since then he has called out multiple athletes for a return to the UFC, notably the current featherweight Champion, Alexander ‘The Great’ Volkanovski. Meanwhile, Henry has been seen coaching high level fighters for their UFC bouts, steadily building up his reputation as a coach.

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“He’s just a piece of fart”- Conor Mcgregor calls out a “privileged” Henry Cejudo

So why would these titans of the sport clash?

It began after Henry criticized Conor’s new training footage, tweeting at him, “Your hands are down and your distance is off. Stay away from them yes men. Just a tip from the (goat emoji).”

Of course Conor did not take kindly to what he clearly considered a slight. Conor sent out “@HenryCejudo u are a little fat midget novice.”

Conor McGregor Henry Cejudo
Conor coins Cejudo “Fat Midget Novice”, in ongoing Twitter feud.

Conor doesn’t seem to think much of Henry’s two UFC belts or his Olympic Gold. Conor next targeted Cejudo’s coaching career and went after a footage of Henry training all time MMA great Cris Cyborg, saying “The audacity of this little fat midget novice to be holding a kick pad for Cris cyborg. Look at the state of him omg. Fat midget novice.”

Conor didn’t seem content with these and decided that he had to get one last jab in, going after a previous tweet of Henry’s “@TheNotoriousMMA walks his talk. #greatestofalltime.” Keeping it classy, he tweets, “Fat midget novice. Lick arse for press.” truly the greatest trash talker of our generation.

Conor McGregor Henry Cejudo
Conor McGregor tweets about Henry Cejudo

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