“Don’t be scared homie, 2022” Tony Ferguson continues to call out Nate Diaz for superfight

It all started when Diaz posted a picture of Ferguson on his account, but it seems like the UFC has other plans for him.

Tony Ferguson- Nate Diaz
Tony Ferguson- Nate Diaz

This fight can not be more exciting to build upon, but for how long do the fans have to wait for the UFC to listen to Tony Ferguson and give him the Nate Diaz fight. The talks have been going since it was official that Diaz has only one fight left in his UFC contract. So UFC welterweight Vicente Luque was all in to fight Diaz until the point where Diaz was tired of waiting for talks from Luque’s side and moved on to the next opponent by posting a picture of young Tony Ferguson holding the interim-lightweight title.

Since then, Ferguson and Diaz had a little interaction on Twitter but no major following on making the fight happen since UFC President Dana White completely erased the hopes of making Tony Ferguson, Nate Diaz’s last opponent in the UFC. As of now, it’s still not sure who will fight Diaz but many fighters like Luque and Khamzat Chimaev are all in to fight the Stockton, California native.

Tony Ferguson tweets and gets back to making the fight with Nate Diaz happen at all costs

Fans and pro-fighters around the world have been in for this fight, because of the position both are in. Both the fighters aren’t close to a title fight or are anywhere amongst top contenders, but carry a massive fan base to attract a boatload of people to watch this fight. Both the fighters are also extremely smooth in executing submissions on the ground and are well-rounded strikers with unpredictable striking patterns.

So just like now and then, Ferguson makes another callout of Nate Diaz by tweeting “You Rollin’ That Shit Or Am I? Don’t Be Scared Homie Take The Fight @NateDiaz209 # Blazin’Trails @ufc @danawhite Make It Happen # ThePeoplesChamp One. 2022 #Road2Gold [gold medal emoji].”

It’s not sure whether the UFC still sees this fight happening or not, but both the fighters have agreed to clash not so long ago. While there’s no such clear roadmap for Ferguson on how to get back to the winning track and eventually, to a possible title shot, Diaz can move on to a lot of other options since he has no interest in pursuing a title and has one fight left in his contract. He can either have the aforementioned either Vicente Luque or Khamzat Chimaev which will be an exciting fight regardless, but a trilogy with Conor McGregor will be one of the biggest fights in UFC history.

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