UFC Vegas 19: Tom Aspinall def Andrei Arlovski via submission

Tom Aspinall defeats Andrei Arlovski in the second round at the UFC Vegas 19 main event.

Andrei Arlovski vs Tom Aspinall - FirstSportz
Andrei Arlovski vs Tom Aspinall

The first fight of the main card event of UFC Vegas 19 was a heavyweight bout between Tom Aspinall and former heavyweight champion, Andrei Arlovski. Both the fighters were coming off wins from their previous fights. Tom headed into the fight looking to continue his good form while Andrei fighting to get back on top. Tom has beaten the veteran heavyweight and will look to pursue big feats in the division.

Round 1: Aspinall started the round with an early low kick. Both the heavyweights go back and forth exchanging shots. Aspinall looked much more relaxed than Arlovski. After a shaky start, Andrei goes for Tom’s lead leg and then after his body. Arlovski had a ton of punches directed towards Aspinall but the Englishman keeps retreating. Aspinall looked really content with taking it slow and playing the long haul.

Tom drove his opponent to the fence and tried to keep the fight there. Arlovski defended pretty decently against the cage. Andrei finally gets off the fence and takes the fight to the center in the final 30 seconds. Aspinall had a big right hand coming at him from Andrei but eats that as round 1 ended.

Aspinall makes the veteran tap out

Tom Aspinall - FirstSportz
Tom Aspinall

Round 2: Arlovski was confident after landing the big right hand at the end of the first round. Looked to continue his momentum in the second with his hands up high. Andrei surprised Aspinall with a front kick. Despite the attack from Andrei, Aspinall is comfortable keeping the fight in the center. Arlovski was back to go for Aspinall’s legs as he goes for the low kick again.

Arlovski is caught off-guard with Tom’s drive into takedown the big man. Tom drove Arlovski back to the cage and then the floor. Aspinall immediately slips around back and is locked in a powerful choke. Arlovski had no option but to tap out. Tom’s submission leaves Arlovski in frustration.

Result: Tom Aspinall def. Andrei Arlovski via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 2, 1:09

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