“I’m so glad that it happened, and I’m really excited to be back here,” Maycee Barber is unfazed by her recent losses ahead of UFC Vegas 32

Maycee Barber is unfazed by her recent losses and believes to make a quick turnaround against Miranda Maverick at UFC Vegas 32.

Maycee Barber
Maycee Barber

The number 14th ranked UFC Flyweight fighter, Maycee Barber is going to face the number 13th ranked Flyweight fighter, Miranda Maverick in the main card of UFC Vegas 32. Barber wanted to break Jon Jones’s record of being the youngest UFC champion but she faced two losses recently.

Maycee Barber faced the first loss of her MMA career against Roxanne Modafferi in January and faced a knee injury in this fight. She returned back to Octagon after thirteen months to face Alexa Grasso on UFC 258 and unfortunately, she faced a loss in this fight too.

Now, Barber is looking forward to the future and she believes these losses even put her in a better position than before. In the pre-fight press conference of UFC Vegas 32, Maycee Barber says,

“It’s been a roller coaster, but it’s been a huge learning lesson, and I’ve had a lot of fun with it. There’s going to be good times and bad times along life, and I’m ready for it all – and ready to learn and grow from it all.”

“Honestly, I feel like you should always be checking yourself daily, but for me, I feel like a lot of the setbacks that I’ve had – you know, the injury, the loss, the all of those things – definitely make you pay attention to a lot more, because when you’re winning, it’s almost like, ‘Oh, I’m good. Let’s go on to the next,’”

Barber continued, “So when you lose, it’s like you have to check something, you know? You have to check and double-check, and it probably was something that you needed to check when you were winning, but you just didn’t pay attention enough, so I feel like that’s something I was forced to do, and I’m so glad that it happened, and I’m really excited to be back here.”

Maycee Barber believes she holds an edge over Miranda Maverick

Maycee Barber UFC Vegas 32
Maycee Barber

Miranda Maverick is one of the rising contenders in the UFC women’s Flyweight division and she is entering into this fight with a five-fight winning streak. On the other hand, Maycee Barber will be stepping into this fight with two losses on her back.

But she still believes that she got an edge over maverick entering into this fight. Barber added, “Obviously, she’s coming off a winning streak, she fought a common opponent in Gillian Robertson – only difference is she went the distance, and I finished Gillian in the first round, so I’m excited to show that – you know, the dominance.”

“Another thing is she’s now technically ranked ahead of me, but I believe she’s just holding my spot, and I’m ready to take it back on Saturday.”

Maycee Barber continued, “Aside from that, you know, I feel like she’s a tough opponent. She’s young. You know, she’s also on a winning streak. I feel like she is where I was, and so I’m ahead of her in that sense, you know? Like, I’m ahead. I’ve already checked myself. I’ve double-checked myself, and I’m just gonna be the better fighter.”

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