UFC Vegas 32 (Main-Event): TJ Dillashaw survived the storm against Cory Sandhagen and got the victory

The main event of UFC Vegas 32 was headlined by Cory Sandhagen vs TJ Dillashaw, and Dillashaw fought through all the damage and secured the split decision victory.

TJ Dillashaw beats Cory Sandhagen
TJ Dillashaw beats Cory Sandhagen
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TJ Dillashaw (16-4 MMA, 12-4 UFC) was making his return after two years, and he was booked to headline the main event of UFC Vegas 32 against the number one contender Cory Sandhagen (14-2 MMA, 7-1 UFC). This fight served as the title eliminator for the bantamweight title, and after five hard-fought rounds, TJ came out on top.

Round 1: Sandhagen and Dillashaw acquired the center of the octagon, but Dillashaw moved forward and put Sandhagen on his heels, Sandhagen started with the leg kicks and he landed a flying knee but TJ caught it, Sandhagen went for the reverse triangle but could not complete it. These two traded some big shots and TJ got caught in the knee-bar after securing the takedown.

Round 2: It looked like TJ hurt his knee during that knee-bar and he went straight for the takedown. Sandhagen finds his range and is now landing some big shots, he almost dropped TJ with a big right hook he followed it with some nice shots. TJ gets a big cut over his eye and the referee had to stop the fight to get it checked, he was cleared to fight but it was bleeding heavy. Sandhagen finished the round strong.

Round 3: TJ was looking better in this one, he moved forward and landed some nice shots, but Sandhagen started the offense of his own with some clean punches. TJ was getting Sandhagen’s back and was moving into the dominant position, again and again, he started blasting Sandhagen with some big leg kicks and Sandhgane looked hurt. Sandhagen shot for the takedown but got stopped, TJ once again acquired the back position and unleashed the fury at the end.

Round 4: TJ exploded at the starting and went for a takedown, but could not complete it. Cory survived the storm and did a number on TJ with his punches. TJ was getting the back clinch position over and over again and it was getting him that octagon control time. Sandhagen landed a big spinning back fist just as the round was ending.

TJ Dillashaw sticked to his wrestling-heavy approach and got the victory against Cory Sandhagen at UFC Vegas 32

Round 5: The fight went the distance, and both of these fighters put on a show at the final round, TJ started to get busy with his hands, and the wrestling and clinch transitions from TJ were a big part of his game-plan and it was working excellently. Sandhagen was sharp in his offense and he was landing shots all throughout the end.

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