UFC Vegas 38: Santos vs Walker prelims results

Here are the results from the UFC Vegas 38 prelims, headlined by a light-heavyweight contest between Thiago Santos and Johnny Walker.

UFC Vegas 38 Prelims Results

UFC Vegas 38: The UFC is back to the Apex Facility following UFC 266. The event is set to be headlined by a light-heavyweight fight between Thiago Santos and Johnny Walker. Santos is coming off a unanimous decision loss against Aleksandar Rakic at UFC 259. He is currently on a three-fight skid. Walker, on the other hand, is coming off a KO win over Ryan Spann.

However, before that, we had the prelims that kicked things off. Here are the results from the UFC Vegas 38: Thiago Santos vs Johnny Walker prelims.

Bantamweight: Alejandro Perez vs Johnny Eduardo

Round 1:

The fight started off with Perez landing a leg kick and a jab to the body. Eduardo responded with a kick and punch. Perez then landed multiple jabs. Eduardo then responded with a punch. He then landed an outside kick followed by a punch to the body. A straight jab from Eduardo followed after a brief tussle from both. Perez ended the round strongly, however it was Eduardo who scored enough to take the round. 10-9 Eduardo

Round 2:

Leg kick from both the fighters began the round. Eduardo had his eye swollen. Perez looked to be the aggressor. Eduardo took Perez to the ground, and after a brief struggle Perez escaped Eduardo’s hold although he ate a few shots. However, Perez then scored a takedown of his own. Ground and pound from perez. Just as Eduardo was trying to scramble for a leg, Perez got the tap with a straight armbar. Brilliant win.

Result: Alejandro Perez def. Johnny Eduardo via. submission (Round 2)

Women’s Bantamweight: Stephanie Egger vs Shanna Young

Round 1:

A slow and cautious start from both the fighters. Egger with a one-two. Egger then escaped a leg submission from Young. Egger finally got the half guard position and went on to land some hard strikes. 10-9 Egger

Round 2:

Egger connected with a right hand. Young responded with the same. A judo smack from Egger followed. Egger gained side control and landed a massive elbow which led to the referee waving off the fight. TKO win for Egger

Result: Stephanie Egger def. Shanna Young via. TKO (Round 2)

Bantamweight: Douglas Silva de Andrade vs Gaetano Pirrello

Round 1:

Pirrello started off with a leg kick. Measured approach from both. Andrade followed it up with some massive punches. Huge left hand from Andrade knocked Pirrello out. What a win

Result: Douglas Silva de Andrade def. Gaetano Pirrello via. TKO (Round 1)

Lightweight: Devonte Smith vs Jamie Mullarkey

Round 1:

Measured approach from both the fighters. Smith with a jab. Left hand from Smith. Mullarkey followed it up with two leg kicks. Big combos from Smith woke Mullarkey up. Strong leg kick from Mullarkey. Massive strike from Smith. Smith tripped. Big exchange from both the fighters. Head kick from Smith. They exchanged leg kicks. Inside leg kick from Smith followed. Strong end to the round by Mullarkey. 10-9 Smith

Round 2:

Slow measured start as usual. Strong leg kick followed by a body kick from Mullarkey. Another leg kick from Mullarkey followed. Left hand from Smith. Knees to the body from Mullarkey. Big shots from Mullarkey landed on Smith who was by the fence. Once downed Smith was met with a flurry of strikes from Mullarkey. What a turnaround.

Result: Jamie Mullarkey def. Devonte Smith via. TKO (Round 2)

Women’s Bantamweight: Bethe Correia vs Karol Rosa

Round 1:

Slow start from both the women. Massive knees from Rosa after a few swings and misses from both. Big right hand from Rosa. Leg kick from Rosa. A brief exchange from both the fighters followed. Takedown attempt from Rosa was stuffed by Correia. 10-9 Rosa

Round 2:

Big knee from Rosa. A right hand and an inside leg kick from Rosa followed. Another big knee from Rosa followed. She was hunting for the finish. Knees were Rosa’s key. She pounded Correia with a barrage of knees. Side elbows from Rosa. Left hand from Rosa, followed by knees. Correia somehow saw off the round. 10-9 Rosa

Round 3:

Couple of right hands from Rosa began the round. Correia looked battered. Right hand from Correia. A rare one in a disappointing outing. Several exchanges from both the women. Rosa with a left hand. Strong finish from Rosa with some ground and pound. 10-9 Rosa

Results: Karol Rosa def. Bethe Correia via. unanimous decision

Women’s Flyweight: Antonina Shevchenko vs Casey O’Neill

Round 1:

Casey O’Neill was the aggressor. Big left hand from Shevchenko. Big elbows from Shevchenko on a grounded O’Neill. However, she got back to her feet. Takedown from O’Neill. Strong finish from O’Neill with a flurry of ground strikes. 10-9 O’Neill

Round 2:

Strong start from O’Neill. She was landing the more cleaner strikes. Several exchanges from both women. Another takedown from O’Neill. Shevchenko struggled to get back on her feet. O’Neill was dominating her on the canvas. Big elbows and strikes from O’Neill. Shevchenko was getting mauled. A fusillade of bombs handed O’Neill the victory, as the referee waved off the fight.

Result: Casey O’Neill def. Antonina Shevchenko via. TKO (Round 2)

Lightweight: Joe Solecki vs Jared Gordon

Round 1:

Quick start from Solecki. Strikes from Solecki on a grounded Gordon. Massive damage inflicted by Solecki. Gordon struggled to get back to his feet. Finally, he somehow evaded Solecki’s repeated submission attempts. 10-9 Solecki

Round 2:

Takedown from Solecki. However, he didn’t hold the position long enough. A lot of action along the fence. Not much action in round 2. Gordon in mount position tried to assert his authority over Solecki. 10-9 Gordon

Round 3:

Exchange of strikes from both the fighters. Combo from Solecki. Gordon with some straight jabs. Quick strikes from Solecki followed. Gordon tried to gain the upper hand in the last minute of the fight. Big right from Solecki to finish the round. 10-9 Gordon

Result: Jared Gordon def. Joe Solecki via. split decision

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