UFC Vegas 41: Jessica Rose Clark displayed dominant wrestling and defeated Joselyne Edwards

Jessica-Rose Clark and Joselyne Edwards competed in a women's bantamweight contest at UFC Vegas 41, and after three rounds Clark got the victory.

Jessica Rose Clark at UFC Vegas 41
Jessica Rose Clark at UFC Vegas 41

The women’s bantamweight contest between Jessica-Rose Clark (10-6 MMA, 3-2 UFC) and Joselyne Edwards (10-3 MMA, 1-1 UFC) was one of the most exciting matchups of the night. Both these athletes gave their all inside the octagon, and after three hard-fought rounds Clark came out on top.

Round 1 – Clark secured the takedown as soon as the round started, she pushed Edwards against the cage but couldn’t get any significant strikes from the top. She just helo Edwards there and the referee had to break them up as he didn’t see enough action. Clark went right back to the clinch and secured another takedown but Edwards turned it away. She got up and blasted Rose with some punches before getting taken down once again as the round was ending.

Round 2 – Edwards was varied of the takedowns, and she attempted of her own, Clark defended it well and turned it around while putting Edwards on her back. She stayed on top but once again didn’t land any significant strike to take Edwards out of there. She just did enough work to keep the referee away. Edwards kicked her off just as the round was ending.

Jessica Rose Clark stayed true to her wrestling and got the victory at UFC Vegas 41

Round 3 – Edwards came out blazing but Clark shut her off in clinch and completed a takedown to put herself in the advantageous spot on the ground. Clark played it safe and spend most of the time on top, she didn’t attempt anything fancy and finished the fight strongly on top.

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