“He’s full of s**t, I won’t jump him, but I won’t share a glass of wine” Marvin Vettori lashes out at Paulo Costa for UFC Vegas 41’s drama

Marvin Vettori lashes out on Paulo Costa for the weight cut drama and also discussed the factors that helped him secure a win at UFC Vegas 41.

Marvin Vettori and Paulo Costa
Marvin Vettori and Paulo Costa

‘The Italian Dream’ Marvin Vettori faced one of the biggest challenges of his MMA career in the form of former title challenger Paulo Costa at the main event of UFC Vegas 41. Apart from fighting, this fight week witnessed a lot of things, and all that revolved around Costa’s weight issues.

Marvin Vettori kept his calm and agreed to fight Costa at Light Heavyweight. Costa was one of the toughest opponents he ever faced but Vettori kept his calm throughout the fight week and secured a unanimous decision win at the main event of UFC Vegas 41. Not only this he got earned a heavy amount of money for this fight by getting a performance of the night bonus and 20 % of Paulo Costa’s purse for showing overweight.

Talking about his performance against Costa in the post-fight press conference, Vettori says, “Feels great man, I wanted to finish the fight like I was saying before but uh now it was a very solid performance and my boxing was superior like I said I had a lot of advantages, his kicks were they were they were strong they were definitely strong, they were wearing on my forearms but overall the boxing was a no- brainer.” 

“No man it was a very solid performance I mean and I’m glad I didn’t let go all the attention before the fight thinking that he’s not ready, He didn’t train he came in fat like he’s not taking this seriously because he actually did and you know it was a trap a little bit I think or I mean he was willing to scratch the fight that’s for sure but he was ready also.”

Marvin Vettori believes having full control on the fight paved his way to victory

Marvin Vettori vs Paulo Costa
Marvin Vettori vs Paulo Costa

Even after securing a unanimous decision win, Marvin Vettori admitted that Paulo Costa looked significantly big inside the Octagon, and in the fifth round of the fight, Costa beat the sh*t out of Vettori. But in the end ‘The Italian Dream’ is fortunate to be on the winning end of this fight.

Talking about the fifth round, Marvin Vettori continued, “You know this fu**ing game was a psychological game, I did a little bit of mistake I guess like I knew I had to fight and it was a little bit of mistake for sure you know I let him a little bit get too comfortable in there and that’s it really but yeah I had good moments third and fourth and then he knew he was behind and he came strong on the fifth”

“With that being said I still controlled It was there was never like any like crazy occasion I knew like you know like I knew I had an advantage on the tank in terms of cardio still he will come with a blurry and then he will slow down and I’ll come back and that’s What I did I keep like, Part of the gameplay was to break his momentum every time he comes in boom you talking boom you attack move your attack”

Vettori added, “Then that’s what I did you know like with that jab I always broke his rhythm all the time as I Broke his like his momentum every time that’s what I did even in the fifth round and He’s full of s**t, I won’t jump him, but I won’t share a glass of wine.”

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