“I’m already training with that mindset,” Vicente Luque already training for a fight against Nate Diaz in December

Vicente Luque already training for a possible fight against Nate Diaz in December.

Nate Diaz and Vicente Luque
Nate Diaz and Vicente Luque

The number 4th ranked UFC Welterweight fighter, Vicente Luque received the most tempting call out of his UFC career from one of the biggest names in the UFC Welterweight division, Nate Diaz himself. Although, nothing has been finalized until now but Luque has been already training for a ten-round super fight against Diaz.

In his latest interview with MMA Fighting, Portuguese-language podcast Trocação Franca, Vicente Luque revealed he is already training for a potential fight against Nate Diaz in December. Luque says, “If it’s up to me, it’s happening, I’m already training with that mindset.”

“I’ll be ready for December. The UFC knows I’m interested, that I’m in. Nate seems to be in as well, at least he said that on Twitter, so, to me, it’s a deal. Just give me the date, I’m already training for it. I’ll be prepared.”

Luque has won 10 out of his last 11 fights and he knows very well he is just a couple of wins away from the title, which is why he is looking for a big name for his next fight. He added, “Right now, I need to make big fights, I’m on a good streak, I’m in a good position in the ranking today, and I think maybe still lacks something to get that title shot. We have Leon Edwards, who’s on a great streak.”

“On a sports point of view I think he deserves the next title shot, so I need to do something to change UFC’s mind and go like, ‘No, Vicente deserves it, let’s jump him ahead.’ I think one more fight could guarantee me the title shot next. I think Nate would be the guy, with his name and history in the UFC, that could be push me as the next title contender.” {H/t MMA Fighting}

Vicente Luque is ready for any short notice fight that comes in his way

Vicente Luque and Nate Diaz
Vicente Luque and Nate Diaz

The UFC Welterweight division has two big fights booked in the upcoming week. Kamaru Usman is booked to face Colby Covington in a rematch at UFC 268 and Jorge Masvidal is booked to face Leon Edwards on UFC 269. Vicente Luque is ready to jump in on short notice if any one of these fights falls out.

Luque continued, “If they call me on the week of the fight, I’d find a way to make weight, If Kamaru wins, there’s a chance — a slight chance, but there’s a chance I jump over Edwards, depending on how his fight with Jorge Masvidal goes.”

“Right now, I’m staying ready, I love to be ready in case of any opportunity, so, if there’s one in November, if I have to replace someone, I’ll stay ready for that. I’ll be training for that. If I get booked for December, I’m already training with this mindset as well. For now, I’ll stay ready and see what happens in the Kamaru-Colby fight. After that, we’ll have a better understanding of what will happen in the division.” {H/t MMA Fighting}

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