Who is the greatest welterweight of all time? Georges St Pierre or Kamaru Usman?

As the days go by in the welterweight division of the UFC, fans are always in for a debate of who the greatest welterweight of all time is in the UFC. This article is an attempt to put an end to the top welterweights of all time banter.

Greatest welterweight of all time
Who is the greatest of all time?

The greatest of all-time debate is always up for grabs in the UFC. The biggest one of them all is who the greatest welterweight of all time is. From Georges St Pierre to Kamaru Usman and Tyron Woodley, the choice is a really tough one. There are several weight classes in MMA but the welterweight division stands clear of them all.

Some people might argue that there is no debate as to who the greatest welterweight of UFC is given the legacy of Georges St Pierre. But we at Firstsportz like to give a fair chance to the other legends of the division. Though GSP stands clear for now in the first spot, there is always a strong argument for which fighter would take the throne beside the Canadian for the second tier. Would it be Kamaru Usman? Or is it Tyron Woodley for his domination as the champion of the division? Read ahead to know how we rate the fighters to the best of our knowledge and opinion.

The greatest welterweight debate is special given the run that ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ is in right now. The list we put together was a very nerve wracking one given we could switch positions of either of those fighter and we would still have a problem with most of them.

Top 5 greatest welterweight of all time in the UFC

5. Tyron Woodley: I know most of the T-Wood fans would be disappointed seeing their favorite fighter in the 5th position out of a possible five but keep in mind that he is rated over the likes of killers like Carlos Condit, Johnny Hendricks, Nick Diaz, and other great welterweights. Woodley’s run as a champion is second to maybe Usman and GSP. Yes right, that’s how good the former champion was until he got dominated by The Nigerian Nightmare. He has a record of 19-7-1 in his professional career and has defended his belt four times in his career.

Tyron Woodley
Tyron Woodley

4. Robbie Lawler: The “Ruthless” is one of the most underrated champions in the history of UFC. Lawler was a savage and always wanted to make sure he didn’t leave his opponents in a single piece after the fight was over. The former champ made his transition as middleweight fighter to arguably the greatest welterweight fighter of his time in the octagon. Lawler has mauled fighters like Carlos Condit, Johnny Hendricks, and Cowboy Cerrone. It is only right that I put the “Ruthless” in the 4th spot for all-time greats.

Robbie Lawler
Robbie Lawler

3. Matt Hughes: A legendary pioneer of the sport. No one fought as frequently as this man right here. All he wanted to do is step into the octagon and kill fighters. Matt has an unbelievable record of 45-9-0 in his career. Most of his losses came at the end of his career. Hughes could be put up in the second position and I personally wouldn’t be one complaining about it. Before GSP began his reign of a dominant welterweight, Matt Hughes was the only name that rung in the ears of fans talking of the GOAT.

Matt Hughes
Matt Hughes

2. Kamaru Usman: Don’t come at me Usman fanboys! I know the Nigerian is a killer and one of the most dominant fighters we have seen in the division with a complete package of striking and grappling skills. I personally would root for this man to become the greatest welterweight of all time but he still has some fighters to beat in my opinion. Kamaru is undefeated in his career with the promotion and doesn’t look like anyone is stopping him either. The Nigerian Nightmare is comfortably lapping around the division, striking names off his list. He recently beat GSP’s record for most consecutive wins in the division and is on to break the most title defenses too.

greatest welterweight of all time
Kamaru Usman

1. Georges St Pierre: The retired two-division champion has a resume that puts any MMA fan to awe. GSP ended his career at the welterweight division with 13 consecutive wins. There isn’t a fighter who was in his peak that St Pierre didn’t beat. Till date has the most title defenses ever made by a UFC fighter. The only two career defeats was avenged in style by knocking both of them out. One of the most humble, dominant, and strategic fighter the UFC has ever seen is clearly GSP.

Though Usman is on his way to breaking GSP’s record which some claim is impossible, the only way to settle the debate of who the GOAT of the division is to go face to face. Make it happen, Dana White, GSP vs. Usman!!!

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