UFC world on its toes as McGregor teases potential return with a single tweet

with a single tweet, McGregor sent the whole UFC world into a state of Euphoria


McGregor recently tweeted ” I Accept” and the UFC fans around the world are speculating the ” Notorious one” to make a comeback. Just after UFC 250, McGregor had announced his second career retirement from the sport.

 However, with just one tweet teasing his potential return, ‘The Notorious One’ put the whole MMA world into a Frenzy.

Second Retirement and a potential return

Conor McGregor had made his return to Octagon at UFC 246 when he put away Donald Cerrone comprehensively in the first round of their main event fight.

While McGregor promised to treat his return in comparison to a “season”, the former UFC Champ-Champ has been away from Octagon competition for six months now.

In recent interviews, he had cited his lack of interest and excitement in the fighting game as one of the chief reasons for his retirement.

But his recent tweet points to a different story. The Notorious One recently tweeted “I Accept” on twitter. Here’s a link to the tweet:

The only problem that remains is, we do not know to what or whom Conor McGregor is responding to.

Things that the Tweet could be responding to

Interestingly enough, Conor McGregor was recently called out by UFC sensation Khamzat Chimaev, who revealed an interesting story on Twitter, claiming that he flew out to Ireland a few years back in order to beat up the Irishman.

Then he made this tweet:

On the other hand, Conor McGregor has also had his fair share of issues with Floyd Mayweather. Yes, that rivalry is still going on, especially after McGregor posted an iconic image of himself and ‘Money’ Mayweather.

Lastly, McGregor was also put on notice by Lightweight sensation Tony Ferguson, who was defeated in his last fight at UFC 249 but remains confident of a solid comeback in the UFC.

McGregor was also invited to train with Real Madrid by the Team Captain, Sergio Ramos. It could also be in response to that. What may it be, McGregor sure knows how to stay in the spotlight.

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