UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Premier League fans could return to stadiums


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed that from October fans will return to sporting facilities across the UK, subject to positive trial events beginning later this month.

Since March, sporting activities and the Premier League have been organized without spectators owing to the danger of transmitting coronavirus.

Yet Johnson said that he carried out the next measures in raising the lockout on Friday morning:

“From 1 August, we will restart indoor performance to a live audience, subject to the success of pilots, and we will also pilot larger gatherings in venues like sports stadia, with a view to a wider reopening in the autumn.” – Mr. Johnson said.

“From October, we intend to bring back audiences in stadia. Again, these changes must be done in a Covid-secure way, subject to the successful outcome of pilots.” – he added.

Starting in October, fans could return to UK sports stadiums when lockdowns were removed. The announcement was awaited by Premier League teams and supporters were welcomed.

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