Ungraduate Gamer Free Fire ID, Stats, K/D Ratio, Discord Link, YouTube Earnings And More For July 2021

Free Fire has a very huge community of streamers on Youtube with milions of subscribers. Here we will discuss about Ungraduate Gamer Free Fire ID and stats and more for July 2021.

Ungraduate Gamer Free Fire ID
Ungraduate Gamer Free Fire ID

Free Fire is one of the most popular title in the mobile battle royale genre. The title has a huge community of streamers and content creators on YouTube. Here in this article we will take a look at Ungraduate Gamer Free Fire ID, stats, K/D ratio, discord link, Youtube earnings and more for July 2021.

Ayush Dubey, aka UnGraduate Gamer, is one of the leading Free Fire content creators from India. He has over 6.75 million subscribers and 700 million views combined. He is known for his exciting commentary, engaging gameplay videos, and live streams.

Ungraduate Gamer Free Fire ID and Stats

UnGraduage Gamer Free Fire ID is ‘256205699‘.

Lifetime Stats of Ungraduate Gamer

Ungraduate Gamer Lifetime Stats
Ungraduate Gamer Lifetime Stats
  • UnGraduate Gamer has competed in 27282 squad games and has outplayed his foes to win 7127 of these. He has eliminated 51543 enemies to have a sustained K/D ratio of 4.48.
  • He has won 153 out of the 706 matches played in the duo mode. He has sucessfully eliminated 1853 foes with a K/D ratio of 3.35.
  • Ayush has also featured in 682 solo games and has outsmart his enemies to win 155 of them. In this process he has secured 2463 frags and had a K/D ratio of 4.67.

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Ranked Stats

ungraduate gamer ranked stats
Ungraduate Gamer Ranked Stats
  • The player has engaged in squad matches and has won 468 of these. He has also registered 3518 kills with a K/D ratio of 16.29.
  • UnGraduate Gamer has taken part in 75 duo games and managed to better his opponents on 46 occasions, approximating a win rate of 61.33%. He is just a few frags short of the 300 kills and has a K/D ratio of 10.14.
  • He has won only a single solo match out of the three games that he has played in this ranked season. The content creator has a K/D ratio of 4.00 with eight kills to his name.

Note: Ungraduate Gamer’s stats in this article were recorded at the time of writing. They are subject to change as the content creator plays more games.

Ungraduate Gamer Youtube Channel and Earnings

Ungraduate Gamer has been creating content since January 2019 and has 443 published videos till date. He curently has more than 6.71 million subscribers with 700 million views. UnGraduate Gamer’s Discord server has more than 131k members players can click here to join his discord server.

As reported by Social Blade, UnGraduate Gamer Free Fire ID earns approximately $16.5K – $263.8K every month from his YouTube channel.

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