Unleash your true colours in Free Fire this Holi

Free Fire is all set to color and Unleash your true colours in Free Fire this Holi. Here is all you need to know about the event and stages of the event.

Indians Celebrate a Free Fire Holi
Unleash your true colours in Free Fire this Holi

Starting today, Survivors in India will be called to save Holi by taking down a Demoness who has stolen all of the colours, before restoring them to Free Fire. Free Fire will also publish a three-part web series production showcasing how people can forge friendships in Free Fire and unleash their true colours, as well as a brand new song and music video. Builds on Garena’s efforts to delight Survivors in India with localised content

India, March 15th, 2021: Free Fire, the world’s most downloaded mobile game in 2020 and 2019, has gone all out to celebrate the vibrant festive of colours of Holi with Survivors all across India.

Developed and published globally by Garena, Free Fire has lined up a host of exciting activities, rewards, and content for Survivors to enjoy this beautiful occasion. This further builds on Garena’s continuous efforts to entertain and delight the fast-growing Indian gaming community with engaging and localised content.

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Celebrate Holi with exciting in-game activities and rewards

With Holi just around the corner, everyone is looking forward to enjoying one of India’s biggest festivals. But these plans go out the window when a Demoness invades Free Fire and steals all of the colours.

Now, Kelly, Hayato, and Misha are calling all Survivors to join their crew. Together, they will embark on a mission to hunt down the Demoness and retrieve the missing colours so that the Holi festivities can go on.

To achieve this, Survivors will be tasked to complete two stages.

Unleash your true colours in Free Fire this Holi:

Stage 1 – Fight for your colours

From 15th to 29th March, Survivors will be invited to join the hunt for the Demoness’ hideout. They will need to pick their exploration track marked in different colours, locate the Demoness, then release the stolen colours.

Taking the Demoness down will require the collective efforts of all Survivors across India. Rewards such as the Punkster Runner bundle, a Custom Room Card, a Character Level 8 Card, and an Awakening Shard will be more-than-worth the effort.

Unleash your true colours in Free Fire this Holi
Unleash your true colours in Free Fire this Holi

Check out this comic sketch video for an immersive backstory:

Stage 2 – Find your true colour and restore the colours to Free Fire

Survivors will begin Stage 2 by first taking a personality test – comprising a set of simple questions around their playing style, making friends, etc. – to reveal their true colours. This colour will represent you for the final colour collection.

Players will then have to collect coloured paints after-match drops, exchange any duplicated colours with friends, and gather a full set of 10 colours to restore them to Free Fire. In return, they will receive exciting rewards like the One-Finger Push-Up emote and the Cyber Bunnies skyboard.

The grand Holi celebration will take place on 28 March, so we look forward to additional rewards as we celebrate the festival together.

Localised content, including a web series and a brand new song and a music video

To kick things up a few notches, Free Fire has also lined up a series of localised content for Survivors to enjoy. This includes a three-part web series production, which will cover how people can meet by chance through Free Fire, forge friendships in the game, play together in duo modes, and unleash their true colours. The series’ first episode will be published on 16 March.

Survivors can also look forward to a brand new song and music video featuring some familiar personalities, which will be launched on 28 March.

Free Fire’s continued dedication towards its Indian community

This Holi campaign takes forward Garena’s efforts to entertain and engage the Free Fire Indian community with localised experiences tailored to their preferences.

Some of the recent highlights include India’s Republic Day event, the introduction of Hindi into the game, the streaming of esports tournaments in local languages, and the hosting of community engagement activities such as a YouTube influencer engagement party in Goa.

Last year, Free Fire also introduced the “Light Up Bermuda” campaign to celebrate a #FreeFireDiwali with all their fans across India. The game partnered with superstar Hrithik Roshan in the “Be The Hero” campaign to launch the game’s first playable Indian character, and developed the #IndiaKaBattleRoyale digital and outdoor campaign.

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