Unscripted Money In The Bank moment surprises WWE superstar

Chris Masters describe his WWE story where everyone in the locker room were unaware of Edge's MITB Cash-in on John Cena


Not all moments are what wrestlers expect in WWE. Since most of the show is scripted, the wrestlers know the rhythm of the match. There is however a difference when it comes to the match of Chris Masters vs John Cena. Here he revealed that WWE Superstars were not informed about Edge’s Money in the Bank cash-in. This cash-in was against John Cena.

The WWE New Year’s Revolution 2006 pay-per-view ended with Cena winning an Elimination Chamber match. Edge then cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and quickly defeated Cena to win the WWE Championship. This was truly unexpected for both fans as well as talents, as they expected the cash-in on RAW.

Chris Masters discussed the famous moment on SK Wrestling’s Inside  podcast. He recalled that he and Carlito were not told that Edge was going to appear, even though they were both involved in the finish.

In the match, Kurt Angle, Kane, and Shawn Michaels had already been eliminated before Chris Masters and Carlito’s eliminations at the end. He quoted that- “When I did that Elimination Chamber match, where Cena had won, they didn’t tell Carlito or me that Edge was coming out and cashing in right after that,” Chris Masters said. “We had no idea. We were just as kind of surprised as everybody.

Chris Masters’ success in WWE

Chris Masters

WWE New Year’s Revolution 2006 is the only time that Chris Masters competed in an Elimination Chamber match. With that his progress to main event ladder began.

In that  finish, the match saw Carlito double-cross Chris Masters by eliminating the former WWE Superstar while he had John Cena in the Masters Lock. Cena then rolled up Carlito to win the match, but it was Edge who ultimately had the last laugh. This event then now led to his downfall as he was just a mid-card wrestler after the event.

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