Free Fire OB27 Leaks: New Upcoming Bundles

Upcoming Bundles
New Upcoming Bundles in Free Fire after OB27 update

Free Fire generally constitutes a countless number of attractive bundles in the game. Every bundle is unique in its design and structure. With the OB27 update coming up, Free Fire is about to launch a couple of exclusive bundles to the game. They come in both the male and female variant and is about to astonish the players. Here a quick glance at all the upcoming bundles in Free Fire

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Upcoming Free Fire bundles in OB27 update: Leaked

Angelic Bundle in Free Fire
Upcoming Angelic Bundle in Free Fire

The first one on the list is The Angelic Bundle. According to leaks, the bundle will drop into Free Fire soon after the OB27 update. This bundle is likely to be introduced to the game through some events. This is a four-piece bundle which includes – a blue, jacket, pants and shoes.

The female version of the bundle is no different and comes in the exact design as well. Although the costumes do not own any particular animations, it will still cost above 1000 diamonds to acquire them both.

elite pass bundles - FirstSportz
Elite Pass Bundles

Next on the list of costumes, is the upcoming Elite Pass costumes. They are designed based on the themes of upcoming seasons Elite Passes. These exclusive dresses are a one-time thing and never returns. Players can claim these exclusive costumes on completing 225 badges in the Elite Pass. The Elite pass costs up to 499 diamonds.

Furthermore, the developers are also looking to add new interesting features, characters, gameplay modes, and many more. This was all about the details of upcoming bundles in the OB27 update in Free Fire.

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