Upcoming Hailstone Fist Skin in OB27 update: Leaked

Hailstone Fist Skin is the upcoming fist skin in Free Fire OB27 update. The skin is likely to be introduced through a Faded Wheel Event.

Hailstone Fist Skin
Upcoming Hailstone Fist Skin in Free Fire

Free Fire is a battle royale game that has attracted a massive player base over the past few years. The reason for its worldwide success is due to its features and interesting in-game attractions and cosmetics. Apart from this, the game also offers various weapon skins each having its own unique attributes. Hailstone is the theme of the upcoming fist skin in the game and is about to bring a lot of hype into the game. Here are the first look and details of the upcoming skin.

Hailstone Fist Skin in Free Fire: Confirmed or Not?

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Fist Skin

Free Fire OB27 update will start rolling on 14th April 2021. The update is set to introduce and launch many new attractions to the players. The Hailstone Fist Skin is one amongst them. This epic skin is animated and is wrapped in light blue flames. The Hailstone Fist skin is set to be the fourth on the list of fist skins. Although such skins do not possess any kind of special attributes, it is always one to watch for.

Although the skin has been introduced in many servers, it is yet to feature in the Indian servers. As per the trends, the Hailstone Fist skin is likely to be launched through a Faded Wheel Event soon after the official OB27 update. The Fist Skin will cost players up to 1300 diamonds.

There are also leaks of new characters, pets and enhanced lobby that is awaiting the players in the update. Stay tuned to our page to get more details about the upcoming OB27 update.

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