Free Fire OB27 Leaks: New M1887, AWM Weapon skins, and more

Free Fire OB27 update is the next big thing in the game and is also expected to drop interesting features and add new weapon skins as well.

OB27 update
New Weapon skins in Free Fire OB27 update

Free Fire OB27 update is around the corner and is bound to keep the players excited. In a recent leak, it was circulated that Garena is about to introduce a number of gun skins which include both themed and legendary. There are also rumors of new features and game modes that are about to be added to the game. This article covers all the leaks on the upcoming gun skins in the latest update.

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Upcoming Weapon Skins in OB27: Leaked

weapons theme - FirstSportz
Gun Skins in upcoming update

The leaks suggest that Free Fire is about to drop a set of themed gun skins to the game. They are designed based on the theme of an upcoming event or collaboration. The themed gun skins are obtained by purchasing weapon crates from stores. The first crate will include the skins of the following weapons:

  • P90 (SMG)
  • M1887 (Shotgun)
  • Vector (SMG)
  • AWM (Sniper)
free fire themed weapons - FirstSportz
Upcoming gun skins in Free Fire

The next set of themed gun skins is a mixture of blue and black colors. This set of gun skins can be attained by following the same procedure mentioned above. Although the gun skins are themed and not legendary, they come with unique attributes that can enhance the weapons. The weapon crate will include skins of the following guns:

  • SVD (AR)
  • Thompson (SMG)
  • Mag-7 (Shot Gun)
  • Vector (SMG)
  • USP (Pistol)

All these weapons are likely to show up soon after the OB27 update. Being themed gun skins, the weapons will be made available directly in the Stores under Armory section. This was the list of upcoming weapon skins in Free Fire’s upcoming update.

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